The best canister vacuums in Canada

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Canister vacuums offer powerful suction, a long reach, and versatile features for all surface types. Purchasing one can really make a difference in your home. You’ll be able to tell almost immediately. With so many options, features, and brands, choosing a canister vacuum may be difficult. We’re here to help you decide. We’ve curated this list of the best canister vacuums in Canada. We know you’ll find the perfect canister vacuum for you on our list!

Best canister vacuums in Canada

Best overall: Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum

Eureka is a well-known name in vacuum cleaners, and for good reason. This company is known for providing great quality on a budget. The Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum fits right into their lineup of affordable, powerful tools to keep your house spotless.

This canister vacuum sports a larger-than-average container, especially when you consider the price point. This bagless canister holds up to 3 litres of dust and debris. For everyday messes, you won’t have to empty the canister until you’re finished cleaning. When you empty the canister, make sure to throw the filter and canister sections in the sink for a quick wash. The filter parts and tank casing are all washable, so you can get a consistently powerful clean.

Some vacuum cleaners are a real pain to move around. Fortunately, the Eureka Whirlwind vacuum weighs just 8 pounds when empty, making it easy to take it wherever you need to go. The handle on top of the canister makes it easy to carry, and the wheels allow you to maneuver the machine easily.

This canister vacuum features extraordinary suction power. Plus, the Dual Cyclone Filtration System ensures that it never loses suction. While some models might lose suction as the canister fills up, the filtration on this machine ensures that it’s constant.

The Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum cleaner comes with an integrated crevice tool and a dusting brush, as well as a self-retracting 16-foot power cord. It is an affordable canister vacuum that works well for most floor types.

Features of the Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum

Large dust container

The dust canister on Eureka’s Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum has an impressive capacity of 3 liters. Comparable vacuums at this price point may have smaller containers, which means you must stop cleaning and empty them often. That’s not the case with the Eureka canister vacuum, so you can clean for longer without wasting time.

Washable filters

All of the filters, canister parts, and more are washable. You can remove the filter sections and wash them in your sink, and rinse out the canister. All the components must be dry before you put them back into the vacuum.

Extremely lightweight

Upright vacuums can weigh 20 pounds or more. Some canister vacuums even come close to this. The Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum is just about 8lbs. It’s easy to move it around while you’re cleaning, no matter how large your house is.

Dual Cyclone Filtration

The Dual Cyclone Filtration System uses a HEPA filter and a dust separator to make sure that you never lose suction power. Smaller particles are trapped within the filters, so the air in your home stays fresh and dust-free.

What sets the Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum apart?

The Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum is an affordable, entry-level canister vacuum that offers consistent suction and powerful performance. You can easily switch between your carpets and bare floors using the switch on the handle. This switch adjusts suction strength, so you get the best possible clean. All tools and accessories are located on the handle so you can access them quickly. Installing them is as easy as snapping them onto the hose.

  • Switch between carpets and bare floors with the handle switch
  • Tools located on the handle for easy use
  • Accessories and tools snap onto the hose effortlessly
  • Affordable price

What could be improved?

Though this canister vacuum performs well at just about every level, some things could be improved. First, the power cord is a little short for our liking. Coming in at only 16 feet, it will probably be enough for most small rooms. Still, it won’t work for larger spaces. There are a lot of plastic parts on the machine as well, and they are easily cracked and broken. Better parts may increase the price, but it would avoid issues. Secondly, the lack of rotating bristles makes it ‘okay’ for pet hair, but it doesn’t do a spectacular job in this regard.

  • The power cord is a little short
  • Lots of plastic parts
  • Not great for pet hair

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Best bagged: Kenmore BC3005 Lightweight Canister Vacuum

The Kenmore BC3005 is an advanced canister vacuum with great features. It’s a bagged vacuum, which means it uses a dust-collection bag rather than a canister. You won’t be able to empty the canister after you vacuum, but the bag should last a while.

This canister vacuum uses a 2-motor system to deliver powerful suction. You can deliver a powerful clean to all surfaces with this level of suction, including bare floors, tile, and more. There are four different height adjustments on the cleaning head, allowing you a different level of suction and airflow for each floor type.

The extendable wand can only help; it features up to 9.5-feet of extendable real estate, so you can reach all those higher places. The power cord gives you a little bit of extra reach. It’s a full 26-feet long, so there is plenty of slack in most spaces. When you’re done, simply press the foot pedal to fully retract the cord.

There are three different attachments available with the Kenmore BC3005. You can use the upholstery brush on your furniture, the crevice tool for those corners and baseboards, and a bare floor tool to help the vacuum clean hardwood and linoleum more effectively. Together, you’ll have all the tools you need to keep every inch of your home clean.

The Kenmore BC3005 Lightweight Canister Vacuum offers quiet operation and powerful suction, a long power cord, and amazing reach with the telescopic wand. You can use it to clean your floors and just about anything above them, including ceiling fans, curtains, and high shelves. Plus, the filtration system keeps allergens inside the vacuum, instead of releasing them back into the air.

Features of the Kenmore BC3005 Lightweight Canister Vacuum

Long power cord

You won’t have to worry about finding a new outlet again. The 26-foot power cord on the Kenmore BC3005 allows you to move through the largest rooms without the cord snagging. You won’t have to move outlets within most residential rooms.

Extendable wand

The cleaning wand on this canister vacuum extends to 9.5 feet, allowing you to clean just about any surface above the floor. You can get into tight spaces, clean ceiling fans, and more. The reach is unbelievable!

Two motor system

The two-motor system inside this canister vacuum creates powerful suction, brush rotation, and creates powerful suction. The dual motors are unique to vacuums at this price point, and they make this vacuum a powerful cleaning tool.

Four surface height adjustments

The cleaning head has four separate height adjustments. This means that there is a level for every surface that is tailored to create the perfect suction and airflow. You can adjust to clean your bare floors, bathrooms, and carpets effortlessly.

AllergenSeal filtration system

This bagged canister vacuum uses the AllergenSeal filtration system. This combines a HEPA filter with a sealed casing, preventing bacteria, pollen, odours, and dust from making their way back into your home.

What sets the Kenmore BC3005 Lightweight Canister Vacuum apart?

This Kenmore canister vacuum isn’t one of their more expensive models, but it still performs extremely well. It includes three different floor attachments, including the upholstery brush, crevice tool, and bare floor tool. When you’re done cleaning, you can rewind the 26-foot cord with the press of a button, which is large enough to be pushed with your foot. On top of this, the Kenmore BC3005 operates extremely quietly, with a noise rating of fewer than 73 decibels. Finally, this model is praised for its powerful suction capabilities, making it great for cleaning any surface.

  • Includes three attachments: upholstery brush, crevice tool, and bare floor tool
  • Auto rewind cord with foot pedal
  • Low noise rating
  • Extremely powerful suction

What could be improved?

Though the Kenmore BC3005 functions well in every other aspect (and comes with some great features), there are a few things that could be improved upon. The hose running from the wand to the canister is a bit short, which can cause some issues with the above-floor cleaning. The canister is also bulkier than expected, weighing just less than 20lbs. Aside from this, getting the telescoping wand to extend can be a pain – instead of pulling it from the handle, you must pull it from the cleaning end.

  • The hose is a bit short
  • Bulkier than expected
  • Wand telescoping can be difficult

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Best compact: Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Bagless Canister Vacuum

Bissell makes an entire catalogue of great vacuum options, including vacuums of any type and description. The Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Bagless Canister Vacuum is a powerful canister-style vacuum that effortlessly switches between carpet rollers and hard floor turbine. No matter what type of floor you have, this vacuum will get the job done.

It’s a bagless vacuum, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing additional bags. The canister is easy to empty, especially since it can be emptied through the bottom. One button releases the bottom of the canister, so you don’t have to touch the dust and dirt.

The Bissell 1547 features Bissell’s Multi-Cyclonic Technology, which ensures the longevity of the vacuum. It creates a stronger section and helps keep filters clean, so you don’t have to purchase a replacement anytime soon. The use of this technology helps your vacuum clean better for longer.

You can clean any surface with this vacuum. You can use a switch to remove the brush roll and use the vacuum on your bare floors, and then replace it for your carpets. The suction will remain consistent, offering great cleaning power. Despite this, the compact design allows for easy storage, which is uncommon among bulky canister vacuums.

Its lightweight construction also makes it easier to maneuver. At just over 8 pounds, it isn’t a chore to move this vacuum around as you clean. Overall, this vacuum works well on all types of surfaces, including surfaces above your floors. It comes at a great price for the features that it offers.

Features of the Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Bagless Canister Vacuum

Multi-Cyclonic Technology

Bissell’s Multi-Cyclonic Technology helps your vacuum work longer. This system increases the longevity of your vacuum, creates stronger suction, and helps keep filters from clogging.

Easy to empty container

The canister on the Bissell 1547 opens at the bottom, making it easy to dump out. When you’re finished cleaning, simply unmount the canister and position it over a trash can. Press the switch to open the bottom and empty the contents. You don’t have to touch the dirt at all.

Lightweight construction

While most vacuums weigh at least 20 pounds, the Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Expert Bagless Canister Vacuum weighs just over 8 pounds. This makes it easy to maneuver. Large wheels on the canister also help you clean without a hassle.

Special hard floor mode

When you switch to your bare floors, activate the hard floor turbine foot. This allows you to remove dirt from your floors with perfect suction. You don’t have to worry about anything being left behind when you activate this mode.

What sets the Bissell 1547 Hard Floor Bagless Canister Vacuum apart?

The Bissell 1547 offers a ton of features for the price point, including a way to easily remove the brush roll. This is especially helpful for moving from cleaning your carpets to bare floors. A multi-level filtration system traps allergens, preventing them from being released back into the air in your home. The compact design makes it easy to store and use this vacuum as well.

  • Brush roll switch with easy removal
  • Multi-level filtration to eliminate allergens
  • Compact design for easy storage

What could be improved?

The Bissell 1547 is compact and easy to maneuver, but there are some places where it could be improved. First, the power switch is on the cleaning head. This is not intuitive at all and forces you to bend down to start the vacuum. The power cord is also short, coming in at just 18 feet. This means you might have to move outlets often. The filters are also expensive, and they need to be replaced often. The filters are not washable, so it’s an extra maintenance expense.

  • The power switch is on the cleaning head
  • Short power cord
  • Filters are expensive

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Best luxury: Mielle 41CAE005CDN C1 Canister Vacuum

Luxury vacuum cleaners have a certain standard of quality, and the Miele 41CAE005CDN C1 Canister Vacuum certainly follows this model. It costs a pretty penny, but you can’t argue with the results. Simply put, this vacuum cleaner is powerful, quiet, and easy to operate. It’s everything you want in a canister vacuum, and you are certainly paying for the quality.

First, the high-powered engine delivers strong suction that doesn’t degrade over time. It doesn’t lose suction power as the bag fills, either. The 1,200-watt engine powers an incredibly powerful vacuum that’s capable of getting all the dirt and dust out of your home. But you’ll never hear it running. The noise-isolation technology keeps this vacuum astoundingly quiet, perfect for vacuuming when the kids are napping.

While it’s working, you can rest assured that you aren’t releasing allergens back into the air. The Miele AirClean System traps 99.9% of small dust particles and other allergens, ensuring that your home remains fresh and clean. Those with dust allergies will find that this vacuum does an amazing job of cleaning and reducing allergens.

The 3.5-litre dust bag can hold a lot of dirt and debris, so you won’t have to change it often. If you do, don’t despair! The replacement bags are inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about reinvesting every time you have to purchase them. The wand tube is durable stainless steel, and the machine overall has a sleek, low-profile appearance.

You can clean in a 30-foot radius, so you’ll have no problem cleaning those larger spaces. This Miele canister vacuum is a joy to use, no matter how much you have to use it.

Features of the Mielle 41CAE005CDN C1 Canister Vacuum

Miele AirClean System

Miele’s proprietary AirClean System does more than just filter the air it releases back into your room. It’s an exhaust filtration system that traps 99.9% of allergens, including fine dust particles. Your home will stay fresh and clean, even after running the vacuum.

High-powered engine

The Mielle 41CAE005CDN C1 Canister Vacuum has an output of 1,200 watts. This means it houses an incredibly powerful engine. Most users agree that this vacuum has more suction power than most machines they’ve tried before.

Noise isolation operation

During operation, this canister vacuum is nearly silent. It has a silence system, which uses sound isolation to keep the engine quiet. It’s incredibly powerful and surprisingly quiet while you’re using it.

Large cleaning radius

The Miele 41CAE005CDN C1 covers a large cleaning radius. With the want and the power cord fully extended, you can reach about 30 feet in any direction without having to change the power outlet. Larger homes are a breeze to clean with the large radius of this canister vacuum.

What sets the Mielle 41CAE005CDN Canister Vacuum apart?

This canister vacuum from Mielle is a luxury cleaning tool, and it offers superb operation. This includes a stainless-steel wand tube for extra durability, as well as an automatic shut-off. When your vacuum has been running for a while, it will automatically shut off to give you a break and conserve power. The replacement bags are inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about running out. Finally, this canister vacuum offers a low-profile design and wheels that move smoothly, allowing you to pull the canister along no matter where you’re cleaning. And you can clean a lot with this machine. The dust bag holds up to 3.5 litres of dust and debris, perfect for those larger spaces.

  • Low-profile design with smooth wheels
  • Replacement bags are inexpensive
  • The wand tube is stainless steel
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Large 5-litre dust bag

What could be improved?

Though this Miele canister vacuum operates at the highest standards, there are just a few issues. First off is the price. It’s a luxury model, meaning that you’re going to pay for the quality. Unfortunately, this also puts it a bit outside most budgets. The casing that houses the canister, motor, and bag is made of plastic, which is surprising for such a pricey model. It easily dents, so avoid running it into furniture if you can. The cord is long, so it can easily get stuck under the body if you aren’t careful.

  • Very pricey
  • The cord can easily get stuck under the body
  • The casing is plastic and easily dents

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Best budget: Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

The Bissell Zing is the best canister vacuum in Canada for those on a budget. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a canister vacuum, this is the best way to go. Though it may lack some of the features of more expensive or luxury vacuums, the Bissell Zing can still get the job done.

It’s extremely lightweight, weighing even less than some of the lightest canister vacuums we’ve covered so far. It only weighs 7.5 pounds when the dirt canister is empty, so you won’t struggle with moving it around. This vacuum also offers extremely powerful suction, which is surprising for its size.

You’ll get great results out of the Bissell Zing, especially over area rugs and bare floors. It’s easy to steer around furniture, so you don’t have to plan out the path of least resistance. Plus, it does more than floors – it comes with three tools, including a crevice tool and a dusting tool. Use this vacuum anywhere in your home, from your curtains to stairs, ceiling fans, blinds, and more. Just keep an eye on how you use it – the impressive suction might make it a little difficult.

You won’t have to pause much while you’re cleaning, especially if it’s a small area. Despite the Bissell Zing’s small size, it holds up to 2 litres of dirt and debris. While we generally prefer a larger dirt canister, this isn’t bad for the size and weight of the canister vacuum overall.

Change from bare floors to carpets in a heartbeat using the footswitch on the cleaning head. Step on it once to change back and forth between the two surfaces. You don’t have to worry about changing out the brush roll or manually adjusting the vacuum itself to get great results.

Overall, the Bissell Zing is a budget machine that performs surprisingly well for its price point. It works well for smaller spaces. You’ll be able to clean your furniture, carpets, bare floors, curtains, and other areas off the floor as well. When you’re done, the retractable cord system makes it easy to store it away in your cleaning closet.

Features of the Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum

Footswitch for changing surfaces

You can move from bare floors and carpet with just a press on the footswitch. You don’t have to worry about using a complicated switch or manually switching the suction or brush roll. This makes it incredibly simple to get your cleaning done.

Three tools included

The Bissell Zing comes with three tools, including a crevice tool, dusting brush, and multi-surface floor tool. This makes it simple to get into those tight spaces, remove dust, and keep your home that much cleaner.

Extremely lightweight

Even the lightest canister vacuums on our list weigh 8 pounds or more. The Bissell Zing is extremely lightweight, coming in at 7.5 pounds. This makes it easier than ever to maneuver the vacuum around. It weighs much less than traditional upright vacuums.

What sets the Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum apart?

The Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum won’t break your bank, which is a welcome relief for some. This vacuum is a budget machine, but it still performs extremely well. It has a 2-litre dirt canister. Usually, this wouldn’t be ideal. However, it’s surprisingly large for the price. The overall design is compact, making it easy to store, and the bottom-open canister is easy to clean as well.

  • Budget price
  • Surprisingly large dirt canister capacity for the price
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean

What could be improved?

Though the Bissell Zing performs well for what it is, there are some small issues. This is not the vacuum for homes that have lots of pets. Pet hair can easily get clogged in the bristles, creating a headache for you. The front wheels can get jammed with hair too, leading to an unpleasant experience if you’re dealing with long strands. It’s not surprising that the entire unit is made of plastic, due to its inexpensive nature. Still, it’s not as sturdy as more expensive models.

  • Not great for pet hair
  • Inexpensive construction
  • Wheels can get jammed with hair

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Best maneuverability: Hoover SH40230CA Pro Deluxe Bagless Canister Vacuum

You can’t beat Hoover when it comes to vacuums. Their SH40230CA Pro Deluxe Bagless Canister Vacuum makes the brand proud, as it offers a wealth of features and functionality at a reasonable price. Every part of this machine is made to clean deeper and more effectively.

It starts with three separate suction channels. The Windtunnel 3 technology creates an impressive level of suction. It lifts even embedded dirt from the bottom of your carpets, leaving it looking and feeling better immediately. This feature pairs well with the Multi-Cyclonic system, which uses additional airflow to keep your filters clean. Since the filter is replaceable, this system helps you keep it for as long as you can. This also helps your vacuum last longer overall.

Using it is easy. At only 12 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver. A swivel steering system allows you to get around and under furniture, granting access to places that other vacuums just can’t reach. With the included tools, you can clean every inch of your home -including areas above the floor. The wand extends to give you up to 10 feet of cleaning space, making it simple to reach ceiling fans and high shelves.

A HEPA filter inside traps even the smallest particles of dust and pollen, leaving your house fresh and allergen-free after cleaning. The wand telescopes down to just a few inches when you need it to, making it easy to clean stairs and smaller areas by hand.

This canister vacuum is great for homes with pets. Pet hair, cat litter, and dander are no match for the Hoover SH40230CA. It won’t break the bank, but it isn’t cheap, either. This mid-range price point allows Hoover to deliver a quality product that gets deep into your floors and works without hassle.

Features of the Hoover SH40230CA Pro Deluxe Bagless Canister Vacuum

Windtunnel 3 technology

This Hoover Canister Vacuum features Windtunnel 3 technology. This uses three separate channels for suction, enabling the vacuum to remove dirt that is deep in your carpets. Embedded dirt doesn’t stand a chance against this vacuum.

Multi-cyclonic system

The multi-cyclonic system uses advanced airflow techniques to keep your filters clean. This preserves the longevity of the vacuum, making sure that you can keep your floors clean for years to come.

Smooth steering

It’s easy to steer this vacuum due to the swiveling head. When prompted, you can get this vacuum to slide into hard-to-reach places, under furniture, around corners, and more. It’s extremely versatile and can reach just about any place in your home.

Multi-floor cleaning settings

On the handle of this Hoover canister vacuum, there is a switch. This allows you to change the suction based on the type of surface you’re cleaning. Change effortlessly from carpet to bare floors and back again, ensuring that you can use the vacuum over all of your home’s surfaces.

What sets the Hoover SH40230CA Pro Deluxe Bagless Canister Vacuum apart?

The Hoover SH40230CA sets itself apart with its wealth of features, including powerful suction and a deep clean on carpets. It cleans your carpets just as well as an upright vacuum, which surprised us. If you have both bare floors and carpets, this is the vacuum to choose. When you’re done cleaning, you can easily empty the dirt canister. It opens at the bottom, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

  • Powerful suction
  • Deeply cleans carpet
  • Easy to clean canister

What could be improved?

Hoover’s SH40230CA is a powerful, versatile canister vacuum that can help you clean almost anywhere. However, there are some areas where it might improve. The brush head is difficult to clean. This can lead to clogs and inconvenience after you vacuum. Some users have reported a rattling sound during use, even from the beginning. This is due to the nature of the cleaning head. The power cord is extremely short, making it difficult to clean larger rooms without moving to a new power outlet.

  • The brush head is difficult to clean
  • Might make a rattling sound during use
  • Extremely short cord

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How to choose the best canister vacuum in Canada

Canister vacuums can make cleaning your bare floors a lot easier. They are easier to move than upright vacuums, and they provide more versatility. The following tips and features can help you choose between the best canister vacuums in Canada.

How do canister vacuums stack up?

Canister vacuums are just one type of vacuum cleaner. With so many different types and options, you might be asking: why should I choose a canister vacuum?

Canister vacuums are lighter and easier to maneuver than your standard upright vacuum. They may have a larger capacity than upright vacuums.

In addition, canister vacuums work better for bare floors, including wood, linoleum, and tile. They work well for smaller areas, such as stairs. The low-profile design of most canister vacuum cleaning heads allows you to get under your furniture as well.

They are usually much quieter than upright vacuums. However, they are bulkier, even if they weigh less. It’s more difficult to store them when you aren’t using them, and some might not clean carpets as well as other options. However, most have multiple cleaning heads that allow you to clean your drapes, furniture, and more.

You might prefer a canister vacuum if you:

  • Have bare floors
  • Want a more lightweight cleaning solution
  • Dislike noisy vacuums
  • Want to clean certain areas above the floor, such as curtains, blinds, and furniture
  • Have a higher budget
  • Don’t mind bending over more during your house cleaning
  • Want to get into crevices, including corners that upright vacuums might miss

What to look for

The following options and features may help you decide which canister vacuum is right for you.

Bag or bagless?

There are two types of canister vacuums, and which one you choose may affect how well the vacuum works.

  • Bagged vacuums use a bag inside the canister unit to collect dirt and debris. When the bag is full, you must remove it and replace it with another bag. Bagged canister vacuums are less expensive than bagless ones on average, but they require more maintenance. In the long run, you might end up spending more on replacement bags. On the other hand, bagged vacuums are generally quieter than bagless ones.
  • Bagless vacuums are more expensive than bagged versions. However, you don’t have to continuously buy replacement bags. However, some bagless canister vacuums have a problem maintaining suction power, especially as the dust bin fills up. Bagless canister vacuums often make more noise, too.

Consider your budget and your needs. Choose the type of canister vacuum that’s right for your home. For example, if you have a larger home, consider a bagless canister vacuum. You can avoid spending money on replacement bags – and if you’re cleaning a larger area, you’ll need to replace the bag more often.

Dust bin capacity

When considering dust bin capacity, you must keep two separate things in mind. First, you’ll need a dust bin that is large enough for your home. On the other hand, you still need to be able to move the dust bin around, which requires bending and stooping to guide it.

The perfect dust bin capacity allows you to clean without interruption. It should be large enough to allow you to clean your house without changing the bag or emptying the canister. At the same time, it needs to be small and easy to move around. A capacity of between 2.5L and 3.5L is ideal for most homes.


Canister vacuums can come with a variety of attachments. These include brush rolls, extensions for the cleaning wands, different types of floor nozzles, and more. You should evaluate the types of attachments you want based on what you’ll use the canister vacuum for.

Upholstery nozzles, for instance, will be great if you want to clean up a lot of upholstered furniture. A brush roll can be great for carpets, and a telescoping wand is best for cleaning curtains, ceiling fans, and other high places.

Filtration system

Your vacuum’s filtration system is more important than you’d think. Because of the way that vacuums work, you want to avoid releasing allergens into the air as you clean. The best canister vacuums in Canada use HEPA filters. These filters trap even the smallest dust particles, reducing the allergens that are released back into your home.

Noise level

Vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise. Thankfully, canister vacuums are a little quieter than the traditional upright vacuum. Of course, noise level varies by machine. Most list their standard noise level to help you decide.

It’s worth noting that bagless canister vacuums make a little more noise than their bagged counterparts. Most won’t make as much noise as upright vacuums. Still, keep an eye on the noise level if you’re concerned about noise.


For most products, weight doesn’t factor into your choice at all. However, since you’re pushing the vacuum cleaner around with you, you must consider the weight of the unit. Canister vacuums, when emptied, should be no more than 20 pounds. While they are bulkier than upright vacuums, they are meant to be lighter and easier to push around.

Hose length

The hose that connects the cleaning head to the dust collection canister is an important part of your canister vacuum. Look for a telescopic wand with the house. This will make it easier to use, as you can adjust it to your


Wattage is often an underrated feature of canister vacuums. However, the wattage of the vacuum can determine how much power the engine generates. This directly affects the suction power.

Canister vacuums usually have great suction, comparable to upright vacuums. However, choose a higher wattage vacuum if you’re interested in the best possible suction. Vacuums with higher suction will maintain this suction power, even when the canister is full.

Power cord

Most canister vacuums have retractable power cords. This helps you manage the cord a little better, which is essential. Canister vacuums can be a bit awkward to handle, especially while dealing with a cord. Retractable power cords will rewind themselves automatically, coiling inside of the canister so it doesn’t tangle.

As with all vacuums, longer cords are better. You’ll want at least 25 feet, especially if you have more spacious rooms. Homes with fewer electrical outlets should consider longer cords. You want to be able to get into all your corners and crevices.


There is a canister vacuum for just about every price point, from below $100 to almost $600. Quality is affected by the price you pay. If you pay for a budget model, you can expect less suction power, a smaller canister capacity, less expensive wheels, and fewer additional features. Still, getting a canister vacuum on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult.

Think about how often you’ll use the vacuum, whether you want to deal with a bag and the area you’re cleaning with the vacuum. Adjust your budget to include these factors and investigate different canister vacuums within your preferred price point.

Final thoughts

Canister vacuums offer a host of great features. They’re perfect for a variety of floor types and are typically lighter than upright vacuums. Choosing from the best canister vacuums in Canada can be difficult, but we’re sure that your next favourite cleaning tool is on our list.