Pecan's police officer costume for the Animatch Canine Meet and Greet in Rigaud included handcuffs, gun, and an old Montreal Police shoulder patch. Photo: James Morgan

Costumes and canines in Rigaud raise funds for Animatch

There were lots of dogs – and hot dogs – outside the Animo-Nourri pet supply store in Rigaud on Saturday, October 23.

The reason for the excitement was a Halloween fundraiser for Animatch – the dog adoption service located nearby in Pointe-Fortune. The organization’s ‘Canine Meet and Greet’ event included a chance for dog owners to enter their pet in a Halloween costume contest, while nearby, cotton candy and hot dogs were being sold for the human visitors to enjoy. 

Animatch relies on donations to keep operating, and those donations have been slow since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Saturday’s fundraiser was the first one Animatch has been able to have since the pandemic began. 

“We’re very happy to have this event,” said Animatch founder Helen Lacroix. “The fundraising has been so slow.” 

Veterinarian bills are Animatch’s biggest expense, Lacroix said. The dog adoption service receives food donated or provided by sponsors.

Animatch has approximately 30 dogs up for adoption right now. Most of them are from communities in northern Québec, but Animatch also has partners in Texas and the Dominican Republic. 

To donate to Animatch, or to inquire about adopting a pet of your own, go to animatch.ca, or call 450-452-0321. The Animatch facility is located at 331 Route 342 in Pointe-Fortune.

Valla, a giant schnauzer showed up in a dragon costume at the Canine Meet and Greet for Animatch in Rigaud. Valla stared longingly for a bite of the hot dog in owner Alex Sablauskas’ hand. Photo: James Morgan

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