The Ottawa Children’s Festival de la jeunesse is returning to in-person shows with its Mini Festival of the Arts this fall.

Festival organizers are planning a safe, in-person celebration from November 19-21, 2021 at the Canadian War Museum, 1 Vimy Place, Ottawa. While observing all provincial COVID safety guidelines, the Festival is presenting four pieces of exciting and thought-provoking theatre to engage audiences of all ages. These performances include:

Jam Side Up, a blend of comedy and audience interaction presented by the identical Kif-Kif Sisters. These zany acrobats have been captivating audiences for over a decade and will have your sides splitting with laughter.

12, a voice from our youth regarding climate change and their confusion with the inaction of our leaders, by 100 Watt Productions. This unique performance is built on writings, conversations and interviews by teens addressing the issues concerning the future of our planet.

Crossing the Ocean, a multimedia theatre piece exploring one man’s magical journey below the waves, by Youtheatre. When the man’s mysterious box gifted from his late father goes overboard, he dives into the unknown to reclaim it – but is he ready for what’s inside?

Thumbelina, a reimagination of the Hans Christan Anderson classic through puppetry, dance and music, by L’Illusion. Watch as Thumbelina’s quest for freedom is brought to life in this immersive and awe-inspiring performance. (Thumbelina will be offered in English Nov. 19-20 and French (Tommelise) Nov.21).

Visit the Ottawa Children’s festival website to learn more about each performance.