About 100 visitors turned out for the Dalkeith…Plus 5th annual ‘Touch’ event on Sunday, September 26.

The theme for 2021 was ‘Touch a Local Business’ with area entrepreneurs showcasing their products outdoors from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m., at the Dalkeith…Plus site in the village.

“Even if we don’t break attendance records, we make sure that we, the organizers, have a good time,” said Brenda Noble, of Dalkeith…Plus. “We all get to visit with friends and neighbours, we learn something, or meet someone new and give the community some life.”

“It’s a ton of work, done by some very dedicated volunteers, but we enjoy it.”

Joanne Routhier of Double Beauty Equine Empowerment. Photo Kara-Michelle Turcotte

Stacey Deguire Titley. Photo Kara-Michelle Turcotte

Keely Ryan was on hand with her daughters Joy, Grace, and Hope, at ‘Touch a Local Business’ in Dalkeith. Photo: Kara-Michelle Turcotte