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Getting a good night’s rest is super important, and most of us go to bed completely exhausted after long days of work, school, or raising a family. The last thing you want is to have trouble falling asleep or have an interrupted sleep after waking up drenched in sweat. If you crave a solid night’s sleep on a cool, comfortable mattress, then one of the best cooling mattresses in Canada is for you! Take a quick read through our guide on cooling mattresses and easily choose the right one for your home.

Best cooling mattresses for Canadians

1. Douglas mattress

This medium-firm Douglas mattress is an excellent choice for people needing cooling technology combined with great support characteristics. It is available in six sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, and California King) so that every person can take advantage of its great features. You can choose a size to fit every room and every personality. This mattress is designed with great pressure relief and full-body support to ensure every sleeper is comfortable and resting easily all night long.

This mattress is 10” thick and composed of three main layers. The bottom 6” is comprised of a motion-isolation support foam that offers great edge support while eliminating the disturbance a restless sleeper will cause their partner. The middle 2” is a chemical-free foam layer that mimics the natural effects of latex, mainly the support and responsiveness. The top 2” is where the cooling effects come into play. It is composed of a cooling gel foam that is environmentally conscious, durable, and extremely comfortable. The mattress also comes with a washable CoolSense cover for additional cooling effects.

This mattress is compatible with any sleeping position. Stomach sleepers will appreciate the pressure-point relief provided by every inch of this mattress. Side sleepers will benefit from the support built into the mattress that will help keep their spine in supportive alignment. The balance of this mattress will ensure that back sleepers are properly supported and cushioned at every weight-bearing area. While this mattress is incredibly supportive, it still offers enough cushion to make movement easy during sleep. Included in your purchase price is a 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial.

Why are we impressed?

  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Compatible with all types of sleeping positions
  • Three methods of cooling combined into one mattress
  • Supportive and responsive

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2. Ghostbed Luxe mattress

The Ghostbed Luxe is one of the coolest mattresses in Canada, making it deserving of a slightly higher price tag. This medium-plush mattress is a higher-end option with unrelenting temperature regulation, pressure relief to soothe your joints, and effective lumbar support to help you relax and unwind. Even though this is a medium-plush mattress, users won’t notice a lack of support in any way, shape, or form. A 25-year warranty is all the proof you need that this mattress is designed to outlast the competition and provide an extremely cool sleep surface for years to come.

The Ghostbed Luxe mattress is made up of 7 layers for comfort and support. A Ghost ice fabric cover is cool to the touch with phase-changing technology that reacts to your body temperature for active cooling – a much better alternative to passive elements. The cover is thick with a 1-inch cooling fibre layer as well as a 1-inch gel memory foam that are both additional cooling features for your comfort. A 3-inch layer of aerated gel memory foam is found in the comfort layer, providing airflow and gel cooling for the elimination of all heat buildup while you sleep.

Next up is a Ghost Bounce layer that responds similarly to latex but is healthier and more affordable, ensuring you receive all the pressure-relieving benefits of this texture without the cost of real latex. The final layer is a high-density support foam that keeps your spine relaxed and supported, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Why are we impressed?

  • Thick high-density support foam never bottoms out
  • Made in Canada
  • 25-year warranty and 101-night sleep trial
  • Memory foam for pressure relief and cushioning
  • Quilted cover is machine washable

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3. Recore Latex mattress

The Recore latex mattress is designed to help you recharge and recover more effectively while you sleep, but it doesn’t skimp on the cooling features we all need to enjoy a restful sleep. This Canadian-made bed uses allergen-free latex to provide a naturally cool sleep surface for people who tend to sleep hot and want reliable cooling all night long. It is also infused with graphite to remain even cooler, which is a great feature if you suffer from things like night sweats and need a little extra umph in your bed’s cooling power. This is a medium-soft mattress that comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial.

A SilverCharged cover around the Recore mattress offers an instant dose of refreshing coolness since it is always cool to the touch compared to your room’s temperature. As an added bonus, it is antimicrobial for your health. The middle layer of the Recore bed is made of gel memory foam, which actively dissipates heat and doesn’t allow the usual buildup of warmth commonly experienced with memory foam products. The base layer of the Recore mattress is a high-density support foam that supports the spine, evenly distributes your body weight, and helps keep your body in a relaxed position no matter how you choose to sleep.

Why are we impressed?

  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Motion isolating support foam for restless sleepers and couples
  • Antimicrobial cover keeps allergens at bay
  • Graphite-infused latex for double the natural cooling capabilities
  • Enhanced recharge and recovery during sleep

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4. Endy mattress

The Endy mattress is a budget-friendly option for people seeking a mattress that offers cooling, comfort, and support all in one. It is a medium-firm mattress with a fairly simple design of 3 foam layers. The all-foam construction makes the Endy mattress stable and quiet, and it will last longer than spring options of the same level. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 101-night sleep trial, and while this is the shortest warranty of mattresses on our list, 10 years is still plenty for a mattress in this price range. This mattress does also come with a cover included for minimal maintenance demands.

The cover is a plush poly knit style that is both cool and comfortable to sleep on without additional sheets. The first layer of the bed is an Endy foam that contours to your curves so that your joints are cushioned and supported, limiting the amount of strain you notice when applying pressure to high-stress areas like the shoulders and lower back. The middle layer, or transition layer, is an open-celled polyfoam that encourages greater airflow through the bed, so it stays cool. This layer is durable and helps distribute your weight evenly for better balance in the bed. The final layer is a high-density support foam that encourages a balanced sleeping position and supports your body for a relaxed, pain-free sleep.

Why are we impressed?

  • 10-year warranty and 101-night sleep trial
  • Open-cell foam design allows for greater airflow
  • Temperature neutral foam
  • Affordable
  • Machine-washable cover is convenient

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5. Ghostbed Flex mattress

The Ghostbed Flex mattress is a hybrid medium-firm bed that offers high-performance in every area. This high-end mattress is a bit more expensive, but its array of cooling features, unrelenting comfort, and reliable support make it well worth the extra few bucks. This bed is tall at 13” in height, but its 7 layers are all necessary to achieve high-quality sleep. The bed comes with a 25-year warranty, making it one of the most durable on our list, and a 101-night sleep trial is included for your benefit.

Starting at the top, let’s take a look at the cover first. It is a plush, quilted fabric filled with a cooling fibre inside and a cool-to-the-touch exterior that provides an instant cooling sensation when you lie down. There is even a 1-inch layer of gel memory foam that dissipates heat and contours to your curves for pressure-relieving comfort. Below the cover lies another 1-inch layer of gel memory foam for even greater cooling power right where you need it most. This layer cushions your joints and keeps you relaxed no matter your position to avoid strain on your joints and muscles.

A proprietary Ghost Bounce layer mimics the responsiveness of latex without the chemicals and allergens to provide a slightly bouncier texture than standard memory and poly foams. The support layer of the Ghostbed Flex mattress is made of individually wrapped spring coils that move separately to achieve better motion isolation than more basic spring and hybrid mattresses offer. The main defining feature in this area of the mattress is proprietary Spirited Edge support around the perimeter of the bed that delivers superior edge support and stability to the mattress. The coils are further supported by a thin layer of high-density support foam for added durability over time.

Why are we impressed?

  • 25-year warranty and 101-night sleep trial
  • Plush quilted cover is incredibly soft and cozy
  • High-density support foam beneath coils for added durability
  • Multiple cooling properties keep you cool more effectively
  • Reinforced edge support for stability and support

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6. Novosbed Memory Foam mattress

Thanks to a Perfect Firmness Guarantee, the Novosbed mattress is one of the easiest mattresses to choose. If your bed doesn’t feel quite right after a couple of weeks, they’ll help fix the issue by sending a Comfort+ firmness adjustment kit. Upholstery-grade siding is a unique feature found only on the Novosbed mattress, and it is a great feature for pet parents to consider highly since claws and teeth can’t easily damage this extra-strength siding. This mattress comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial to offer even more confidence in the durability of the Novosbed mattress. The mattress does come with a washable cover, and the Tencel material offers moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you cool and dry all night.

The Novosbed follows a fairly simple design structure with three layers making up its profile. The memory foam layer provides an effective cooling feature since it is breathable and promotes airflow. It is responsible for cushioning the joints and providing the necessary pressure relief to help you sleep comfortably without tossing and turning. The middle layer of the bed is another memory foam layer, but it helps ease you into the support of the bed by distributing your weight evenly and helping your spine find a relaxed, natural position. The base layer of the mattress is a high-density support foam that ensures you feel supported and relaxed no matter your position.

Why are we impressed?

  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Removable and machine-washable cover included
  • Upholstery-grade siding for enhanced durability and strength

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7. Brunswick Spring mattress

The Brunswick spring mattress is one of the best value-friendly cooling mattresses in the Canadian market. The coil design naturally gives the bed quite a bit of positive airflow since there is a great amount of open space for air circulation. This design gives the Brunswick mattress a leg up for cooling since the top layer won’t trap heat. As a medium-firm mattress, users will find that the bed offers a great balance of cushioning and firm support that helps them sleep deeper and longer by fully supporting the body and cradling the joints. This is enhanced through the quilted euro-top fill cover that offers a soft, pillowy sleep surface. The Brunswick spring mattress comes with a 15-year warranty and includes a 120-night sleep trial for a risk-free adjustment period.

The Brunswick spring mattress uses individually pocketed steel coils for better motion isolation than basic spring options, and the bouncier feel makes nighttime activities that much more enjoyable. The top layer of the mattress is designed for optimal comfort while sleeping with gel memory foam for cooling and pressure relief. Gel foam effectively disperses heat away from your body so that no heat can build up and cause you to sweat. The middle layer of the bed is a Trizone eco-foam that aligns the spine, distributes your weight evenly on the mattress, and helps you remain comfortable on your back, side, or stomach. A specialty encasement foam sets the Brunswick bed apart from the competition by providing extra-strong edge support that many other mattresses cannot match.

Why are we impressed?

  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Edge support is top-tier thanks to encasement foam
  • Enhanced airflow paired with gel layers for optimal levels of cooling power
  • Euro-top fill cover for pillowy comfort
  • Better motion isolation than other spring mattresses

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8. Logan and Cove Luxury Pillowtop mattress

The Logan and Cove luxury pillowtop mattress is one of the most comfortable on our list; its thick pillowtop layer is luxuriously comfortable to lull you to sleep faster than you thought possible. The Logan and Cove mattress is a hybrid mattress, so we’re already ahead of the cooling game thanks to the added airflow in the bed from its coil base. The bed is available in both a firm or medium-firm feel depending on your preference, but both options will be incredibly comfortable thanks to the pillowtop layer. The bed comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial to help you adjust to your new mattress without any risk or pressure.

In the pillowtop layer alone, we have two layers of cooling gel memory foam, one of which is high-density foam, along with a silk blend fill and high-density bio-foam for contouring and pressure relief. These cooling layers offer a refreshing sleep surface that moves heat away from your body so you can enjoy a deep sleep without interruption or dampness. The transition layer of the Logan and Cove mattress is a high-density foam that provides pressure relief and aligns the spine so your back remains relaxed, untwisted, and supported in any sleep position. The coil base provides bouncy but sturdy support for your body while keeping the mattress cool and comfortable.

Why are we impressed?

  • Pillowtop layer offers luxurious comfort
  • Great price for the quality and comfort delivered
  • 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial
  • Numerous cooling layers and open design keep you cool all night long

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Benefits of sleeping on a cooling mattress in Canada

Disperses heat

Cooling mattresses are quite remarkable at dispersing heat. Although your body temperature automatically drops while you sleep, the blankets you surround yourself with are designed to conserve that heat. Since moderate internal heat fluctuations do occur while sleeping, just like they do during the day. This can result in more heat production by your body that has nowhere to go, thanks to your heat-conserving blankets. Cooling mattresses provide a release outlet for that heat production to stabilize your sleeping temperature and prevent you from sleeping in a sauna-like environment.

Refreshing sleep

Many individuals commonly experience the discomfort of sweat while sleeping. Not only does it necessitate a shower each and every morning you get up, but it also affects your sleep quality and requires you to do laundry more often. Sleeping on a cooling mattress can help alleviate these problems by maintaining a cooler sleeping temperature while you sleep.

Less moisture buildup

Cooling mattresses help reduce the amount of moisture that builds up in your sleeping environment since it eliminates a lot of heat in that area. Without the heat, your cozy sleeping place won’t feel as hot, you won’t start sweating overnight, and the area will naturally feel dryer. Since cooling mattresses pull heat away from you, any moisture you feel will naturally dissipate faster.

Enhanced comfort

Since cooling mattresses have layers of gel foam, they are some of the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on. Plus, they are still very supportive and help to relieve pressure points. No matter what environment you live in, whether it is naturally cold or naturally hot or a mixture of the two, a cooling mattress can dramatically improve your comfort while you sleep or simply hang out in bed.

How to choose the best cooling mattress in Canada


While choosing the right firmness level for your mattress will have a lasting effect on your sleep quality, it is important to remember that every mattress will come with a sleep trial. In general, the main firmness levels for a mattress will include soft, medium, and firm. However, there are more sophisticated firmness levels such as medium-soft, medium-firm, and even luxury-firm. These complex, combo firmness options are catered more towards couples with different firmness preferences and sleeping positions.


The mattress size you choose is very important. With sizes from narrow twin beds all the way to massive California King beds, there are a lot of options in Canada. While children and young adults can be very comfortable on twin and double-size beds, they are usually insufficient for sleeping adults and couples. Plus, many people require that there is space on their bed for their dogs and/or cats. The most common mattress size is Queen, but it’s up to you to decide how much space you need for sleeping and how much floor space you have to sacrifice to a bed in your bedroom/guestroom.

Type of cooling technology

Common types of cooling technologies in Canada include aerated or perforated foams, gel foams, airflow coils, a phase-changing cover, or latex. All of these technologies can be incredibly effective at lowering and maintaining our sleeping temperature since they all remove the heat from the sleeping area. Most cooling technologies are placed at the top/middle sections of a mattress, but some are also incorporated into the cover for a mattress or into the deepest section. No matter what technology is used or where it is located, the cooling effect will be noticeable and appreciated.

Mattress type

Like many people, you may not even know what type of mattress you currently have, but this is in fact one of the most important considerations to make before you purchase something new. Foam mattresses are great for minimizing motion transfer between multiple sleepers, and hybrid/spring mattresses are best suited to people seeking airflow and/or a taller mattress. For people with allergies or sensitivities to synthetic materials and chemicals, there are organic and latex mattresses for sale that are also environmentally conscious.

Pressure relief

Pressure relief will most often come from latex or memory foam layers closest to the sleeping surface. These comfort layers should be at least 2-3 inches thick, and they serve to protect and cushion your joints while you sleep. If you sleep on a mattress without pressure relief and then switch to one with this function in mind, you are sure to notice a drastic difference in sleep comfort and the way you feel while awake.

Edge support

If you are an edge sleeper or need some extra help getting in and out of your bed, a mattress that offers additional edge support is a must-have. The extra durability provided by edge support will keep you safer in bed and will maintain the appearance for many years. Edge support is most often found in the form of an encased foam around the perimeter of the mattress.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support is another essential component of a comfortable mattress. Having an adequate amount of cushioning in the lumbar region of your spine will help maintain proper alignment and prevent you from waking up sore. No matter what position you sleep in, a mattress that offers lumbar support will help you feel great every morning you wake up.


Since you will be spending a lot of money on a mattress, and it is a product that should last years, a warranty protection plan for at least five years is something you should look into. Most mattresses will have a longer warranty period than that, so keep that in mind as a minimum requirement while browsing.

Final thoughts

For many people, being hot is one of their largest struggles when trying to fall or stay asleep. By choosing one of the best cooling mattresses in Canada, you’ll eliminate your biggest nighttime struggle and enjoy better, longer sleep without any frustration. We’ve armed you with all the information you’ll need when shopping for a mattress, and we’re confident you’ll find success easily. Every mattress on our list is an excellent choice, and you’ll thank yourself for choosing a cooling mattress over any other type of bed.