The best cordless stick vacuums in Canada

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Vacuuming is one of the most hated chores, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one when you choose one of the best cordless stick vacuums in Canada. Stick vacuums are built smaller, lighter, and slimmer for better maneuverability, greater ease of use, and heightened convenience during all vacuuming jobs. These vacuums are designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind, but they still pack a powerful punch that leaves no dust bunny left behind on your floors.

Why trust us?

We spent more than 22 hours analyzing dozens of stick vacuums and researching all performance factors that should be considered when shopping for a stick vacuum. We evaluated these products based on numerous factors to ensure that they are truly the best cordless stick vacuums in Canada.

Best cordless stick vacuums in Canada

Best overall: Tineco A11 Hero+ cordless stick vacuum cleaner

The Tineco A11 Hero+ cordless stick vacuum cleaner is one of the best stick vacuums out there. It offers extra-strong suction that maxes out at 120AW, so cleaning carpets or picking up heavier messes is efficient and only requires one pass. The extra-large dust bin holds 0.6 litres of dirt so that you can clean your entire home without needing to empty the bin – this is significantly larger than the industry average. This vacuum comes with a wall mount that charges the batteries, keeps the vacuum out of the way, and holds the includes attachments for easier storage. Thanks to the dual battery pack (with the option to purchase extra packs if necessary), you can enjoy up to 80 minutes of battery life for any intensive vacuuming jobs you face.

The motor is extra-quiet due to an enhanced brushless design, so it is great for pet-friendly homes and use around children since it operates at a much lower decibel. On par with its user-friendly design, the power control for this Tineco vacuum makes it easy to perform longer vacuuming sessions since you can set a continuous power mode rather than rely on the trigger power that will tire your fingers quickly if used house-wide. LED lights provide a clear and visible cleaning path to ensure that no crumb is left behind. The dustbin empties with a single touch to make it easier and cleaner for users to dump out. The power brush head is effective on thicker carpets, and the three extra attachments for the handheld mode make it easy to clean your stairs or vehicle. This Tineco vacuum also uses 4-stage filtration for air quality while vacuuming for your lung health and the elimination of airborne dust that settles back on your surfaces after vacuuming.

What sets the Tineco A11 Hero+ cordless stick vacuum cleaner apart?

There are multiple reasons why the Tineco A11 Hero+ vacuum stands apart from the competition. One very unique feature is the ability to select a continuous power mode or opt for trigger power that stops operation immediately when your finger releases pressure. LED lights are also a special feature, so you can clearly see where you still need to clean. The motor of this Tineco model is also unique in that it is brushless and much quieter than is standard on vacuums. The 0.6 L dustbin is roughly 40-50% larger than the average for stick vacuums, which makes this vacuum a great choice for larger homes. One of the best features is the detachable power battery pack that provides 80 minutes of run time when using both batteries.

What could be improved on?

We have no suggestions for improvements with the Tineco A11 Hero+ cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It is a top stick vacuum with industry-leading versatility, power, and user-friendly features, and we can’t identify a single area in which this Tineco model fails to exceed.

Performance of the Tineco A11 Hero+ cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Surface compatibility

This vacuum is compatible with hard floors, carpet, upholstery, stairs, vehicles, and any other surface you can reach with the vacuum or its attachments. Its thin profile even means it can reach under your furniture and a mini power brush is even compatible with mattresses. 

Battery life 

The battery life of the Tineco stick vacuum maxes out around 80 minutes, though this will change depending on how you use the vacuum. At higher power modes, you’ll face fewer minutes of runtime, but either way, you’ll have significant battery life for any vacuuming job thanks to the dual battery pack.

Dust bin capacity

The dust bin capacity on the Tineco A11 Hero+ vacuum is a generous 0.6 L, which is above-average for stick vacuums across all price ranges and brands. This extra-large capacity means you can clean your entire home without stopping to empty the bin.

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Best for pets: Shark Rocket Pet Pro cordless stick vacuum

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro cordless stick vacuum is the best choice for pets, with multiple unique technologies and features that make it the most effective choice against pet hair, dirt, and other messes. This vacuum can be used for small and large jobs thanks to up to 40 minutes of run time on a single battery charge. A CleanTouch dirt ejector makes it easy to empty the high-capacity dustbin without getting your hands dirty or greeting a dust cloud with your face. The ultra-light design of this vacuum makes it easy to use no matter how long you’ll be vacuuming, and its slim frame can reach under couches and other furniture.

LED lights on the vacuum headlight up your path so you can see every speck of dust, so you don’t ever miss a spot again. The Dirt Engage technology supplies this Shark Rocket vacuum with a brush roll that digs deeper into carpets and has better contact with bare floors for more effective cleaning. The brush roll is also self-cleaning to prevent hair wrap and maintain optimal efficiency. The conversion to a handheld unit makes it versatile for all surfaces, including stairs and vehicles, with multiple attachments to match. For your lung health, this vacuum is a great pick for its anti-allergen complete seal technology with a HEPA filter that traps dander, dust, and all other allergens that can irritate your airways.

What sets the Shark Rocket Pet Pro cordless stick vacuum apart?

Several features set this Shark Rocket Pet Pro apart from other stick vacuums. First, it has a self-cleaning roller that prevents that annoying buildup of long hairs in the roller that often need to be cut with scissors and meticulously pulled out so the vacuum can continue doing its job. We’re also pleased with the removable battery since it can be charged in or out of the vacuum for greater convenience. Plus, Dirt Engage technology is more effective at tackling stuck-on dirt and better cleaning of carpets. This stick vacuum also has bright LED lights, so you can be 100% confident that you’ve sucked up every spot of dirt and dust on your floors.

What could be improved on?

The Shark Rocket doesn’t have an attachment for reaching ceilings and other high areas, so this is one area for improvement that would make this vacuum more versatile. Other than that, there are no issues with performance or usability.

Performance of the Shark Rocket Pet Pro cordless stick vacuum

Surface compatibility

The Shark Rocket stick vacuum can be used on hard floors and carpets. It has powerful suction that can tackle messes on any surface and comes apart as a handheld unit for those hard-to-reach places, stairs, and your vehicle.  Its special technology makes it more effective on carpets than the average vacuum head-on stick vacuums.

Battery life

The Shark Rocket can operate for up to 40 minutes on a single charge when running on standard mode, roughly 20 minutes more than average when compared to other stick vacuums, so we are very pleased with the battery life on this vacuum.

Dust bin capacity

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro has an extra-large dust bin capacity to trap all the pet hair floating around your home. You’ll be able to clean your entire home without it needing to be emptied, and it can contain all of the dust, dirt, and hair even after multiple weeks without vacuuming.

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Best for carpet: Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless stick vacuum cleaner

The Dyson VY Motorhead cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a very versatile machine. Not only does it clean bare floors and all types of carpets very effectively, but it can also transition to a handheld vacuum for stairs, upholstery, and spot cleaning or be used to reach ceilings and walls with ease. It offers up to 30 minutes of powerful suction before needing a new charge, though the battery life will be different depending on which setting and shape the vacuum is in. In max mode, you’ll only have 6 minutes of power. This vacuum has a 2-tier 15-cyclone design that enhances airflow and captures finer dust than many other vacuums are capable of capturing.

The bin can be emptied out the bottom with a simple switch so that you can empty a full bin in only a couple of seconds without any dust near your fingers or face. The cord-free design gives you total freedom over the range with which you can use your vacuum, so it is convenient for vehicles, open floor plans, and large rooms. The low-profile head and slim body make this vacuum very maneuverable around obstacles, around corners, and under furniture, so you won’t have to move things out of the way to clean your floors. The vacuum can be stored on its docking station to be kept out of the way, and it charges whenever it is set in its dock, so you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery.

What sets the Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless stick cacuum cleaner apart?

The Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless stick vacuum is the best choice for cleaning your carpets with a stick vacuum. The brush roller has the motor build right in so it can dive deeper into your carpets and clean them more effectively than most other stick vacuums. This Dyson model can also convert to a handheld unit for ceilings and other high-up places or for stairs and upholstery with tools for both. The docking station used to store this vacuum is also unique since many stick vacuums do not have a docking station for simple storage.

What could be improved on?

In terms of performance, nothing is lacking with the Dyson V7 Motorhead stick vacuum. The only feature we aren’t happy with is that the battery isn’t detachable, so we would love to see improvements in its design so that the batteries can be swapped with a second unit for longer use.

Performance of the Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Surface combability 

Though still not ideal for high-pile carpets like shag rugs, this Dyson V7 motorhead stick vacuum is the best performer for carpets of all other types since it drives itself into the carpet to reach deeper. It can also clean hard floors, upholstery, ceilings, etc., with ease. 

Battery life

The Dyson V7 does not last as long as other high-end vacuums that average 40-60 minutes of run time. However, it is much longer than many lower-end options that average 10-15 minutes, so we’re still pleased with the battery life of this Dyson vacuum. 

Dust bin capacity

Dyson’s dust capacity is on par with the average of 0.4-0.5 L. Though significantly smaller than upright vacuums, it can handle small-medium-sized messes with ease. It is smaller than some other stick vacuums, but it is big enough to handle most normal messes in your home without needing to be emptied.

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Finding the best cordless stick vacuum in Canada for you


The price of a cordless stick vacuum in Canada can range by the hundreds, so deciding on the features that are most important to you is the first step in narrowing down your budget. The price also largely determines the power of your vacuum since the motor is the most important part, so your household needs should be considered when determining if you can opt for a lower-budget vacuum and still be satisfied with the performance.

Dust bin capacity

The dust bin capacity doesn’t have too much of an impact on the performance of your stick vacuum, but if it gets filled and isn’t emptied on time, your vacuum will lose most of its effectiveness. The capacity on stick vacuums is much smaller than the average upright vacuum, but anything above 0.3L is ideal for doing most average-sized homes. Since many people opt for stick vacuums for smaller messes using the handheld function, a small capacity isn’t too big of a deal as long as you’re regularly cleaning. If you have pets or kids in the house, a larger capacity will certainly come in handy.

Suction power 

Of course, the suction power of your vacuum is crucial since its ability to suck up dirt and debris is the entire reason for its existence in your home. Anything above 80AW or 300 watts of power is ideal, though you’ll want 100AW+ for thicker carpets since they are more difficult to clean. If you have bare floors, a lower suction power won’t bother you too much unless you have heavier messes such as plant-soil or cat litter that requires a bit of extra power to clean efficiently. Your suction power also determines how many passes you’ll need over a certain area, so you should opt for higher power if efficiency is most important to you.

Surface compatibility

Though most stick vacuums claim to be compatible with both bare floor and carpet, not all of them have the suction power to actually be effective with medium-thick carpets. To ensure that your vacuum can handle your carpets effectively, look for suction power above 100AW and specialized brushes that get deeper into carpets than the average brush roll.

Battery life

The average battery life for cordless stick vacuums is 20-30 minutes, so anything above this is great for larger homes. Of course, a vacuum with an interchangeable battery is the most useful since you can charge both and double your battery life or use one battery as a backup just in case you can’t clean your whole home with one battery. The battery life will change depending on whether you use the vacuum as a stick or as a handheld and which speed you use, so don’t expect to have the same run time no matter how you’re using your vacuum.


The attachments and accessories that come with your stick vacuum directly relate to versatility. The most common attachments are a brush tool and crevice tool, but larger stair tools or pet brushes are useful too. If looking at higher-end models, power brushes also come in handy when tackling pet hair or vehicle dirt. You should also pay attention to the style of handheld unit that the vacuum can become since some can reach ceilings and others can’t.


All vacuums have filters, but they aren’t all equal. Suppose you’re worried about breathing in dust while you vacuum. Choose a model with a 3 or 4-stage filter system that includes a HEPA filter for maximum effectiveness against allergens. A washable filter is also a great feature, so you don’t need to purchase replacements and can keep the vacuum cleaning at maximum efficiency.

Special features

Special features such as LED lights, removable battery packs, and adjustable power modes all work toward making the vacuum easier to and more convenient to operate. If you struggle to use a normal vacuum, these features will turn a hated chore into a fun experience.