To The Editor,

When I posed the two questions, (thanks to The Review), openly asking for response from those wanting votes in the region, I did not realistically expect any quick answers for several reasons. The main ones being: I doubt any candidate reads or pays attention to local newspapers. And if one did see the questions, she/he would have to go back to party headquarters to find out what a proper response should be. Even though both questions could be answered by a simple yes or no.

My opinion is that no political party can or will stop the Great Reset unless and until there is backlash. We are advancing quickly along that path. For those who think this is a type of conspiracy theory, I invite you to read Paul Beaudry, Deputy Governor General of the Bank of Canada’s words on the subject available here, (The Great Reset – Bank of Canada). According to Mr. Beaudry, and Klaus Schwab, and Mr. Trudeau, the pandemic is an opportunity not to be missed. Listen to Mr. Trudeau to find out how deeply he has committed us to this new world order and vaccines. (Coronavirus: Trudeau tells UN conference that pandemic provided “opportunity for a reset” – YouTube.)

Mr. Trudeau recently announced a $1,000,000,000. incentive to provinces to set up vaccine passport systems. B.C. and Quebec are already on board with Manitoba and Ontario not far behind. It is a heinous plan meant to divide; offering pleasure on one side, pain on the other. Regardless of which side is chosen, freedom is lost. Having to show papers to gain access is no freer than no access. Giving up freedom does not buy freedom.

Perhaps the passport/mandate plan does fulfill one seemingly basic need for many; a distinct group to look down on, shun, slander, lock out. Deny employment, education, physical fitness, transportation, family visits, prepared food and much more. To hold blame for present and future woes. All with full blessing of the state. Historically, never has a country initiated an internal ‘citizen passport’ system which did not end badly.

To any and all who willingly give up freedom for safety I ask, can it honestly be said that any real safety has been attained in that barter? Or is safety a mirage, floating just out of reach, awaiting further expert opinions and divisive measures? All the while, lost freedom is as tangible as “Papers please”.

Gordon Fraser, Champlain