To The Editor,

I recently saw something on TV – actually, there were two things. The World Federation said for the first time that the two main reasons for climate change and global warming were pollution and deforestation and that yes, we the people were completely responsible for everything. For those of you who like to lay the blame on a cycle, take that idea and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.

The next thing I saw was a special from Saskatchewan and a large muskeg  – kind of like a marsh or bog – and after inquiring minds ran tests, it turns out that this muskeg absorbs 50 times the carbon and pollution that a rain forest absorbs.

Now a company from Quebec called Lambert wants to destroy the muskeg by stripping off the peat moss. One more environment and ecosystem to disappear for the almighty dollar. We’ve already lost 75 per cent of our forests world-wide and 87 per cent of our wetlands have vanished in our own country. We complain about the president of Brazil torching the rain forest, but aren’t we doing the exact same thing here in Canada, a land rich in lakes, tundra, bogs, muskegs, forests and greenery?  All the amazing things this planet has to help us all survive and we just keep on destroying all our life boats, because we take all we have for granted and we think we are all going to live forever. Greed, arrogance and stupidity has that affect on people.

We don’t have 20 years. I doubt we even have 10, and don’t expect any help from the governments world-wide, as they are too busy fighting a pandemic, or a split country. Democrats and Republicans; racism, hatred, bigotry.

Over here in our country, don’t expect anything. after feasting on every vice and addiction from porn, gambling, cannabis, alcohol. And let’s not forget the cell phone and hi-tech addiction that our government loves, after collecting taxes of the highest rates anywhere in the world.

Our prime minister, six years ago, promised 94 changes to help the Indigenous people. Six years later he has achieved four. What you have to remember is our Prime Minister has lived in a bubble most of his life, born into wealth from day one. He has no sense of reality, he doesn’t know what it’s like to have to eat Kraft dinner two or three times a week just to have enough rent money for some dingy little one-bedroom apartment in downtown Montreal or Toronto, and he never will. He likes to cry, apologize and hand out money but his words are empty vessels used poorly to achieve political gain and power.

I truly hope we get more Afghan people out. Since they were there for our troops, we should be there for them. Mr. Trudeau, do the right thing and for once in your rich little life, put those people before your plans of an election that no one wanted and that we can’t afford just to feed your ego. Get a life, Mr. Trudeau and stop screwing ours.

To everyone, live every day like it’s your last, because it could be.


Andy Perreault, Vankleek Hill