The best robot vacuums in Canada

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Everyone hates household chores, but vacuuming is one of those things that just drains the spark out of you while you walk around after this machine sucking up dirt, dust, and the life out of you. Chores are boring, but they can be automated with things like dishwashers, automatic toilet bowl cleaners, and luckily, robot vacuums. If you’re looking at saving some time with your weekly vacuuming and want a robot vacuum to take on this burdensome chore, you’re in the right place. we’ve compiled a list of the best robot vacuums in Canada for you to take a look at.

Why trust us?

We dedicated 21 hours to pick out the best robot vacuums in Canada. We researched a variety of vacuums under a number of brands with varying price points to ensure we looked at everything the industry has to offer, but we also spent time looking at what goes into making an effective, responsive, reliable robot vacuum for the home. This guide will teach you how to shop for robot vacuums and provide an accurate, honest look at a few of the top choices currently on the market.

Best robot vacuums in Canada

Best overall: iRobot Roomba 694

The iRobot Roomba 695 robot vacuum offers households the perfect balance between performance and affordability. This sleek robot vacuum can be scheduled to clean your floors daily for a spotless home without any legwork. It can be scheduled via your voice assistant device (Alexa, Google Nest, etc.) or the iRobot app. This Roomba vacuum has a 3-stage cleaning system that loosens, lifts, and sucks up dirt for a more effective clean, especially when facing deeper carpet fibres or larger messes that lower performance robot vacuums can’t tackle efficiently. This robot vacuum is compatible with all floor types since it is equipped with multi-surface brushes as well as an edge-sweeping brush that catches the hard-to-reach dirt in corners and along baseboards. Plus, the cleaning head has an Auto-Adjust feature that automatically adapts the brush height based on the floor type detected for maximum efficiency on carpets.

The navigation technology on the iRobot Roomba 694 is very sophisticated with a very capable suite of sensors that give the Roomba the intelligence to navigate around furniture and objects without becoming stuck or wasting precious battery life trying to escape a boxed-in area. The intelligence of this robot vacuum doesn’t stop there, though. The Roomba 694 also has a patented Dirt Detect technology that can identify high-traffic areas in your home that accumulate dirt faster, and it pays extra attention to these areas to ensure a complete clean every time it leaves its docking station. This Roomba vacuum can run for up to 90 minutes without losing suction power and will automatically recharge itself so there isn’t a single thing for you to worry about beyond emptying the container when it gets full. If you’re looking to maintain clean floors without lifting a vacuum cleaner ever again, the iRobot Roomba 694 is the best choice for quality, reliability, and value.

What sets the iRobot Roomba 694 apart?

The cleaning power of the Roomba 694 sets it apart from most other brands and earlier models of Roomba robot vacuums. This model is one of the best at tackling varying floor types without pause, and its multiple sensors and detection systems ensure that it cleans every surface in your home effectively and efficiently.

What could be improved on?

We have no suggestions for improvement with the iRobot Roomba 694.

Performance of the iRobot Roomba 694


This Roomba 694 robot vacuum can be controlled via a voice assistant or with the Roomba app, which is incredibly convenient. The app also allows you to customize the cleaning schedule during shedding season or around your work schedule so you can come home to a clean house. Since everything is digitized and voice-controlled, even your kids can control the Roomba with no learning curve.

Brush technology

The brush technology used on the Roomba 694 is some of the best on the market. With multi-surface, dual brush arms as well as a sweeping brush for corners and edges, there won’t be a speck of dirt, dust, or debris left on your floors once the Roomba finishes its cycle.

Dock technology

Though outshined by a very select few Roomba models more advanced than the 694, the docking technology on this Roomba allows for self-docking and automatic recharging so that your Roomba is always ready to go if you find a messy spot on your floors.

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Best value: Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac

The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac vacuum is an affordable but powerful alternative for people seeking excellent value for their dollar. This robot vacuum has BoostIQ technology that will automatically increase the suction power of the vacuum within 1.5 seconds when it detects more stubborn dirt that requires extra umph. The vacuum is incredibly slim at only 2.85 inches tall, so it can fit under your bed, couches, and other furniture for a more effective clean without needing to rearrange your home or pretend those dust bunnies don’t exist. The maximum suction power offered by the Eufy robot vacuum is 1300Pa, but it operates quietly and unobtrusively even when performing at its best.

This robot vacuum isn’t compatible with voice assistants and instead uses a much simpler, more traditional approach of a simple remote control. The remote offers intuitive controls including start and stop, auto mode, circle or square navigation, and more. This vacuum can be used effectively on low-pile carpets as well and will automatically adjust the suction strength to remain equally effective as on hard floors. On normal mode, you’ll get up to 100 minutes of cleaning power, and at max mode, you’ll have 50 minutes of operation before it needs to be recharged. The dust bin is quite large at 0.6 L, so this vacuum can clean your entire floor once or twice before needing to be emptied. Drop-sensing technology prevents any mishaps around stairs and ledges while larger wheels enable the Eufy robot vacuum to easily maneuver door ledges and raised carpets/rugs without difficulty. This vacuum will automatically return to its charging base and begin recharging when the battery runs low. Though a more affordable option, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac doesn’t disappoint when it comes to effective cleaning power.

What sets the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac apart?

The Eufy robot vacuum has multiple features that set it apart from the competition and make it a great fit for a variety of households. First of all, it can be used safely around stairs since it has sensors that detect a large drop and automatically stop the navigation of the vacuum before it gets too close to the edge. 100 minutes of clean time is also an above-average rate, so people with larger homes will be able to rely on this robot vacuum to complete a full circuit of their home before running out of power. The surprisingly low profile also makes it more portable for underneath low-rise furniture like couches and armchairs that otherwise don’t get cleaned as often as the main areas of your home.

What could be improved on?

The Eufy robot vacuum cannot clean in a grid pattern and does not have a memory function that remembers the room in your home, so these are two improvements that could drastically improve the performance of this robotic cleaner. Users would also appreciate more intelligence when it comes to controlling the machine since it doesn’t have an app or compatibility with voice assistant systems like most high-end options.

Performance of the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac


The method of control on the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac is quite basic since it uses a traditional remote for different modes, guidance, and settings. In this area, it does fall short of a lot of other robot vacuums that can be controlled from your phone or with your voice. Using a physical remote is less convenient, but still effective.

Brush technology

The brush technology of the Eufy robot vacuum is fairly average. It can perform well on low-pile carpets like most high-end options, but it doesn’t have the same advanced technology that makes other robot vacuums more effective with edges and corners. That being said, the brushes on this vacuum are still great performers that will clear up dirt and dust with no trouble, even if you have pets.

Dock technology

The Eufy robot vacuum is also average when it comes to its docking station. There are no wow factors or advanced features, but it does automatically charge the vacuum and this is the main feature that users will look for to ensure the vacuum is always ready to go. Advanced features are a luxury, but there are no performance issues with this standard docking station.

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Best performance: iRobot Roomba i3+

The iRobot Roomba i3+ is one of the more advanced – and expensive – Roomba models currently on the Canadian market. It has several advanced features and technologies that up its performance value ahead of most of the competition, so this is a great choice for people who want a robot vacuum that gives them the freedom to never think about cleaning their floors again. Its most notable feature, and the main reason that people choose this model over others, is its automatic dirt disposal technology that will take care of emptying the vacuum’s dirt bin for up to 60 days (depending on the messiness of your home). This vacuum offers an incredible amount of suction power to users and is the ideal choice for people with kids and pets since it won’t be deterred by tougher stains. It can even be paired with a robot mop if you truly don’t want to clean your floors ever again.

The effectiveness of the Roomba i3+ robot vacuum is also above-average for the industry since it has Wi-Fi home mapping technology, multi-surface rubber brushes, and a high-efficiency filter that more effectively traps airborne allergens and pet hair. You’ll also never have to worry about the Roomba getting stuck under something or on an object since reactive sensor technology gives the Roomba all the information it needs to clean every inch of your home while avoiding tricking situations. It can be controlled via voice through a home assistant like Alexa or any Google device, and it will offer intelligent cleaning suggestions based on foot traffic, high-mess areas, and seasonal changes to guarantee a perfect clean every time. This is the perfect robot vacuum for people who absolutely detest cleaning their floors and are happy to let a robot assistant take care of it for months at a time.

What sets the iRobot Roomba i3+ apart?

The main feature that sets the Roomba i3+ apart from the competition is the self-cleaning technology. You can let the vacuum clean your home for up to 60 days before you’ll need to empty the main dirt bin attached to the dock station since the vacuum empties itself automatically as often as required. The voice control and intelligent schedule suggestions are other intelligent features that many other robot vacuums do not possess, and users will find the more advanced technology very useful for customizing their cleaning schedule according to their lifestyle, season, and household demographics.

What could be improved on?

We have no recommendations for improvements with the Roomba i3+ – we only wish it were more affordable to appeal to a greater consumer base.

Performance of the iRobot Roomba i3+


The method of controlling the iRobot Roomba i3+ is incredibly convenient for users. The vacuum can take direction from the iRobot app but can also be controlled using your voice if you want to start a vacuuming session early or stop one in its tracks if you need your floor space for something else.

Brush technology

The brushes included on the Roomba i3+ are very useful on both hard floors and carpets. The rubber brush design ensures that the vacuum works efficiently in pet-friendly homes since hair won’t get stuck on the bristles, and the brush technology ensures that no dust or debris is left behind in the main space or in corners or edges of rooms.

Dock technology

The dock technology of the Roomba i3+ is more advanced than on most other robot vacuums. It will automatically charge the vacuum back to full strength as soon as it rests on the docking station, but it can also automatically clean out the bin for up to 60 days – an impressive feat and a great improvement over the more basic dock station design.

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How to choose the best robot vacuum in Canada for your home


There is a significant price difference between brands, models, and performance features when looking at robot vacuums in Canada. Depending on the intelligence, mapping technology, suction power, and floor compatibility of the robot vacuum, you could be looking at a difference of several hundred dollars between high-end options and those with more basic technology. Though it is important to stay within budget, you should also look at the overall quality, reliability, and effectiveness of the clean you’ll receive from your robot vacuum since the most affordable options sometimes won’t have the performance to justify the cost. On the other hand, you shouldn’t spend as much as you possibly can on a robot vacuum since many features will be unnecessary depending on your home, lifestyle, and willingness to assist your robot vacuum with keeping your floors clean. No matter what, you should be prepared to spend a couple of hundred dollars to find a robot vacuum that offers reliable performance.

Dock technology

Though every dock station is different, they almost always have automatic charging that begins as soon as the vacuum returns to its position on the dock. Some docks also have a self-cleaning function so you don’t have to manually empty out the vacuum after each use, though this will cost significantly more than a more basic docking station. Some docks also have indicator lights when the vacuum is fully charged while others have very limited features. Your budget and personal preference will ultimately decide which dock features you need. 


Robot vacuums can be controlled by a variety of methods, and they may have varying levels of customizability depending on their quality. For example, the most common methods of controlling a robot vacuum are a remote, an app on your phone, or via voice through a voice assistant device. Voice assistant controls are the most popular, but the app is often a great partner to this technology since you can create a custom schedule, control the pattern that the vacuum cleans in, and more with a remote or app. If you’re particular about how and when your robot vacuum will clean your floors, look for a model that has more intelligent technology such as seasonal schedule suggestions, timed cleaning sessions, and customizable schedules.

Brush technology

The brush technology on a robot vacuum differs between models just like traditional vacuums. Most brushes are the expected bristle rollers, but there are a few extra features to look out for to determine how effective the brush system will be for your floor types. If you have pets in the home, we definitely recommend choosing a robot vacuum that has rubber brushes since the hair won’t stick to the rubber and your vacuum will remain efficient and unclogged. For getting into the nooks and crannies, edges, and corners of your floors, you’ll want an edge sweeping brush since it will reach beyond the perimeter of the vacuum to trap and collect the dust and dirt in hard-to-reach places. If you have abundant carpet or area rugs in your home, you’ll want a robot vacuum that has brushes and cleaning technology compatible with this flooring type since not all models can effectively clean carpet fibres.

Floor mapping technology

Since robot vacuums are designed to clean your floors so you don’t have to, it is important that they can efficiently clean every square inch of your home. This is where floor mapping technology comes in. when looking at basic mapping technology, you can expect to see sensors around the perimeter of the vacuum that alert it to walls, obstacles, and sometimes even drop-offs so the vacuum won’t get stuck or trapped. Other more sophisticated robot vacuums will use Wi-Fi mapping, laser-guided scanners, or cameras to navigate around your home. You must also consider additional sensory intelligence such as dirt detection sensors that ensure your floors are cleaned properly as well as more structured floor mapping that follows a specific pattern rather than more random navigation since these are more reliable.

Cleaning time per charge

The battery life may be less of a concern for people who have a smaller floor plan or don’t mind if their vacuum operates while they’re home, but the cleaning time per charge is an important factor to consider in a number of situations. Most robot vacuums can operate for an hour to an hour and a half on a single charge, but this battery life may also depend on the mode of cleaning. Some robot vacuums have varying suction power depending on how they’re cleaning, such as a normal mode for bare floors and a higher power mode for carpets, which drain the battery faster than normal. Since the robot vacuum will need to recharge fully before continuing a cleaning cycle, you’ll want to choose a longer run time if you have a larger home or dirtier floors.


The shape of the robot vacuum you choose is another important consideration. Though most robot vacuums are circular, there are also D-shaped vacuums and square vacuums to consider. While round vacuums maneuver better and have a lower chance of getting stuck on something, D-shaped and square vacuums fit better in corners and angles and often have a wider cleaning path that makes them more efficient. Every shape can be equally effective depending on a number of other specs, so this is mostly a personal preference and budget-minded decision.