10 Years ago
Prescott County Plowing Match sets the bar for IPM
The Review, August 10, 2011 – CHUTE-A-BLONDEAU – The 53rd annual Prescott County Plowing Match took place at the farm of Glenn and Susan Conway on Saturday, August 6. The hot temperatures and dry, hard ground conditions made the event slightly more difficult than usual, though participation was excellent. The event set the bar for the International Plowing Match to be held in the region September 20-24.

25 Years Ago
Subdivision moves ahead slowly
The Review, August 14, 1996 – VANKLEEK HILL – Council will re-examine its original request for a $15,000 advance from developer Victor Spina for his proposed 84-unit subdivision at the south end of Union Street. The up-front payment is considered too much by Spina. The subdivision consists of 84 new residential units and has received approval from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. The Spina subdivision comes after several years of a building freeze in town due to the shortage of water and sewar services.

50 Years Ago
Fire puts Alexandria company out of business
The Review, August 11, 1971 – ALEXANDRIA – A second fire in less than a year has put Hubert Sabourin, owner of a wood shaving processing plant here, out of business. The shaving shed caught fire around 11:25 a.m. on August 6 and by noon the entire building was engulfed in flames. The shed is located just 150 feet from the Alexandria Moulding Company, which is owned by the Roland Cholette family. The shavings from the Cholette company are processed by Mr. Sabourin into bales of shavings used for packing and as cattle bedding.

75 Years Ago
CIP to build new Research Laboratory
The Review, August 8, 1946 – HAWKESBURY – A letter from the Canadian International Paper Company relative to the construction of a new Research Laboratory building in Hawkesbury was introduced to town council at a special meeting on July 29. Council voted to have the town solicitor authorized to prepare the necessary bylaws exempting the facility from taxation for 10 years as prescribed by law.

100 Years Ago
Concert in the village
The Review, August 12, 1921 – VANKLEEK HILL – On August 19 the Cyril Rickwood Concert Company will perform in the VCI Collegiate Hall. The proceeds are for the purpose of properly equipping the old Excelda Orchestra. It will be the society event of the year, and while you are enjoying the treat, your conscience will be relieved by the fact that you are doing your part to encourage a deserving cause.

125 Years Ago
Burglary in Pointe-Fortune
The Review, August 7, 1896 – POINTE-FORTUNE – The post office and general store of Messrs. Brown & Sons was broken into during the night of Friday, August 1. About $100 cash, all the postage stamps and a lot of jewelry was stolen. The burglars forced the front door and then blew open the safe. They then stole a horse from Seguin’s Hotel and a buggy and harness from Mr. Middleton, a farmer who lives close by.