Le Chenail Cultural Centre in Hawkesbury is currently featuring works by artists Denis Marceau and Diane Fontaine as part of the centre’s summer exhibition.

Marked by a family tragedy, Denis Marceau found, in his art, the outlet for his pain. The artist’s approach aims to evoke the fragility of life, transcending the tragic to strive for the expression of beauty in hope. Imprinted by a shattered memory, Marceau’s works question the social commitments that we propose to ourselves.

Included in the display at Le Chenail by Marceau is his recent work ‘LE RÊVE AMÉRICAIN’ (The American Dream). Witnessing a page of planetary history, confined and influenced every day by numerous anxiety-provoking, even surrealist statements, the artist recreated the American flag and signed it with saw blades. Materials used in the piece include saw blades, barbed wire, wrought iron, prison door and metal door, mirrors, metal wheels, metal ladder, step on target and printed eye.

Fontaine’s stunning piece ‘Songe de Dame Corbeau’ is made from 100 per cent recycled materials, including a mannequin, metal basket, barbed wire, truck parts and other rusty items. Feathers, remains of paint and driftwood complete the work.

“A dream or a nightmare is a succession of deconstructed images. I imagined from memories of my childhood dreams, a mystical character straight out of a dream like a premonitory dream,” Fontaine explains. “Lady Crow is the priestess of nature. In my interpretation she carries an important message in this time of pandemic – that nature must be at the heart of our lives!”

The artwork currently on display by the two artists is part of the sixth edition of RECYCL’ART at Le Chenail, which will continue through the summer and features a variety of artists and their works. Anyone wishing more information on any of the exhibits can contact the Chenail Cultural Centre at 613-632-9555.

The mission of the Chenail Cultural Centre is to promote arts, culture, and heritage and through its management of the Tourist Information Centre in Hawkesbury. It is housed in Maison de l’Île, a historic building dating back to 1832 in Confederation Park, located on l’île du Chenail in Hawkesbury.

Diane Fontaine’s piece ‘Songe de Dame Corbeau’ is made from 100-per-cent recycled materials, including a mannequin, metal basket, barbed wire, truck parts and other rusty items.