Overnight cabins and a bike shop have been added to the Larose Forest.

Leases have been signed with the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) by entrepreneurs who want to offer an overnight mini-cabin rental service and operate a bike shop at the forest’s welcome centre which was constructed in 2020.

In addition to bicycle rentals and service, the Mana Center offers yoga and psychotherapy services in the serene setting of the forest.

Mini cabin installations are in the process of being completed, with rentals available at the beginning of August.

Floodplain study

When the UCPR Planning and Forestry Committee last met on June 9, Director of Planning and Forestry Louis Prévost said he would like to include a segment of Lafontaine Creek in Rockland in the floodplain mapping study being done by the UCPR for the Ottawa River. Prévost would like to include Lafontaine Creek because the area has a high potential for future development.

Inquires are being made about any additional costs that could be associated with including the creek in the study. The next UCPR Planning and Forestry Committee meeting is on August 24.