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Most of us need a minimum of one cup of coffee in the morning to function and having a coffee maker that not only makes delicious coffee but that is easy to use is key for navigating past the morning blues – especially on Mondays. We’ve developed a coffee maker buying guide with a great list of the best coffee makers in Canada so that you don’t have to do any research yourself to find the perfect coffee maker.

Why trust us?

We spent 21 hours researching the best coffee makers in Canada for your convenience. We looked at more than 20 products to pick out the best coffee makers on the market. They have been evaluated based on ease of use, the variety offered, value, and overall quality to ensure that you have a great selection to choose from.

Best coffee makers in Canada

Best overall: Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker is a high-quality choice with all the advanced functionality you could ask for in a convenient home coffee maker. The FlexBrew can make both single-serve coffee with a pod as well as a whole carafe using coffee grounds. The carafe holds up to 12 cups of coffee, so it’s enough for the whole family every morning. If you want an individual serving size for the start of your workday, the single-serve option is most convenient since it fits your travel mug for direct pouring. The FlexBrew coffee maker also has a programmable clock display so you can watch the minute tick by while enjoying a few minutes of caffeine-induced peace before getting ready for work. You can also adjust your brew strength from regular or bold depending on your tastes.

This clock feature also allows for programmable brewing, meaning you can prepare everything the night before and wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. You can set the brewing time for any hour and minute that is convenient for you, and it will keep your coffee warm even if you’re running a bit late. You can use this coffee maker with grounds and pods since it has a brew basket as well as a pod holder. This coffee maker is very easy to use since it has two separate water reservoirs depending on which serving size you’re brewing. Plus, a 2-hour keep warm cycle with automatic shutoff ensures that you never wake up to cold coffee. This coffee maker uses a reusable filter to eliminate the need to purchase disposal paper filters. A pause-and-fill feature allows you to disrupt the brewing process if you’re too impatient to wait for that first cup as well, making mornings just a little bit easier.

What sets the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker apart?

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker is one of the most convenient coffee makers for its dual brewing systems. Not only can it brew an entire pot of coffee, but you can also brew directly into a travel mug to cut down on prep time. We’re really pleased with the versatility offered by the Flex
Brew, especially since you can make bold or regular coffee strengths as well. The programmable brew time is another outstanding feature since it isn’t very common and drastically improves your morning routine.

What could be improved on?

The only improvement that could be made on the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker is a self-cleaning cycle that requires little manual maintenance on the part of the user. In terms of performance and quality, the FlexBrew is perfect the way it is.

Performance of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker

Serving capacity

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker is very versatile with serving sizes. It has a single-serve option on one side and a pot on the other that can make up to 12 servings at once. You can choose to make one serving, five servings, or a whole pot.

Programmable settings

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker has several digital settings that make it easier to make the perfect cup of coffee. Not only can you program your serving size, but you can also adjust the brew strength based on your taste preferences and you can program your brew time.

Coffee variety

There are multiple coffee options with the FlexBrew coffee maker since the brew strength is adjustable. It is also compatible with single-serve packs for more flavour variety than standard coffee grounds, so everyone in your home can each have their own customizations.

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Best Pod: Keurig K-Duo Essentials coffee maker

The Keurig K-Duo Essentials coffee maker is the best choice if you prefer using K-cups for your coffee rather than measuring out coffee grounds for every serving. The single-serve side of this coffee maker is tall enough to fit larger cups if you want to prepare your morning coffee to go without wasting extra cups. The carafe holds up to 12 cups of coffee for larger gatherings or greater caffeine needs. The machine is very easy to use since it only has a few buttons and simple controls for brewing your coffee. There aren’t any adjustable settings, but the K-cups will provide all the variety you need.

There are multiple brew sizes to choose from whether you’re brewing a pot or a single-serve portion. For the carafe, you can select 8, 10, or 12 cups and for the single cup, you can choose an 8-, 10-, or 12-ounce portion. The base of the carafe is a heating plate to keep your coffee warm at the perfect serving temperature between cups, so you’ll never have to reheat your coffee. A pause-and-pour feature allows you to stop the brewing process as soon as there is enough in the carafe for an initial cup, and then it will resume once you replace the carafe. Since the pot uses coffee grounds, you can save your special K-cup flavours for yourself and use basic grounds for family and friends when making an entire pot. Though we recommend this Keurig coffee maker for K-cup enthusiasts, it does both equally well.

What sets the Keurig K-Duo Essentials coffee maker apart?

The Keurig K-Duo Essentials coffee maker is unique compared to most other coffee makers since it can brew a pot and a single-serve in one machine. It is versatile enough to brew a pod for a single cup or use brew a traditional pot of coffee using grounds. The overall quality of the machine is also what sets it apart from other models since it is incredibly simple to use and delivers a really great cup – or pot – of coffee without hassle, mess, or too much of a wait.

What could be improved on?

Our only suggestion for improvement with this Keurig coffee maker is that the controls are on the top side of the machine and can be difficult to see and use. Their placement almost seems to be an afterthought to the overall design and we would like to see a larger control interface and a digital screen that displays your settings, counts down your brew time, or any other helpful digital features that are useful to the user.

Performance of the Keurig K-Duo Essentials coffee maker

Serving capacity

The Keurig Essential coffee maker offers multiple brew sizes both for the carafe and the single-serve option. The carafe can brew 8, 10, or 12 cups. The pod half of the coffee maker can brew an 8, 10, or 12 oz. cup size depending on how much coffee you need. 

Programmable settings

The Keurig coffee maker does not have any programmable settings beyond setting your serving sizes. The lack of adjustable settings isn’t an indicator of lower-quality coffee, but you won’t have the same control over how and when your coffee brews.

Coffee variety

Since the Keurig coffee maker takes pods, you have unlimited choice when it comes to coffee flavours. From French Vanilla to plain, your coffee maker can deliver to your tastes. You can also adjust your coffee based on the grounds you choose for the carafe.

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Best value: Black + Decker Programmable coffee maker

The Black + Decker programmable coffee maker is an affordable but very high-quality, intuitive coffee maker that is best for people who don’t want to spend too much but also want digital features and excellent-tasting coffee. This coffee maker only makes pots and does not have a single-serve feature, so it’s better suited to those who enjoy multiple cups of coffee every morning. Vortex water flow technology promotes rich saturation and optimal flavouring of your coffee since it ensures optimal water flow through your coffee grounds. The compact size of the Black + Decker coffee maker makes it a great choice for small apartments or cramped kitchens since it takes up less space than many other coffee makers. You can select a regular coffee flavour or opt for a bold coffee flavour with the brew strength selector, and you can program your coffee to brew at a certain time so it is ready when you wake up or when you’re ready to leave for the office.

A sneak-a-cup feature allows users to pause the brewing process and pour out a portion of coffee to drink while they wait for the rest of the pot to be ready. A keep-warm function ensures your coffee stays at an optimal serving temperature through your first couple of cups, and the Brew Freshness Time indicator lets you know how long your coffee has been sitting since brewing. This coffee maker has a self-clean function to limit your maintenance demands as well. As an added bonus, the filter baskets are dishwasher safe so you don’t have to wash anything by hand when it’s time to freshen up your coffee maker. Though on the more affordable side of the scale, you don’t sacrifice much performance or ease of use at all when you choose the Black + Decker programmable coffee maker.

What sets the Black + Decker Programmable coffee maker apart?

This coffee maker has an auto-clean system that sets it apart from the competition in terms of intuitive technology used and ease of use. The Brew Freshness Time display counter is another unique feature that sets this coffee maker apart from others in and above its price range. This coffee maker makes a great effort to be user-friendly and great coffee, which is also noted in the Vortex water flow design for maximum flavour and rich saturation of your coffee grounds.

What could be improved on?

The Black + Decker coffee maker is a little less versatile since it only has a carafe option rather than a single-serve setting, so this is one area of improvement in the future since it is always convenient to brew directly into a travel mug when on the go. Another improvement would be to make the coffee maker compatible with pods since many coffee lovers look for this feature. However, the performance and quality of coffee delivered by this Black + Decker leaves nothing to be desired since it is easy to use and clean.

Performance of the Black + Decker Programmable coffee maker

Serving capacity

This Black + Decker coffee maker does not have a single-serve option, only a carafe. The coffee maker can make up to 12 cups at once (1 cup = 5 oz). though you can’t make a single serving as easily as other models, this coffee maker does make anywhere between 1 and 12 cups in the carafe.

Programmable settings

The Black + Decker coffee maker has numerous programmable settings that make this brewer very easy to use. You can adjust the brew strength, set an automatic clean cycle, set your coffee to brew at a specific time, and determine how long your coffee has been kept warm since brewing.

Coffee variety

Given that this is a lower-end coffee maker, it’s not surprising that there aren’t many options for variety when making your morning coffee. You can make it extra strong, but aside from that, you won’t have much versatility beyond your coffee grounds.

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How to choose the best coffee maker in Canada


When you think about how much you spend on your morning coffee, you may not think it adds up to very much, but over the course of several months or a year, it’s probably more than you think! For this reason, a coffee maker is an excellent investment no matter how much it costs since it will pay for itself in the long run by saving you travel time, gas, and coffee shop price gauging. Of course, we don’t all need the super fancy coffee makers and can get away with a more affordable option. There are coffee makers in Canada designed to suit every budget, so focus on what features are important to you when determining how much you want to spend.

Coffee variety

Some of us like routine and prefer the same exact coffee every morning, but others want variety in flavour and type. Most coffee machines won’t have too much flexibility beyond adjusting your serving size or possibly the strength of your coffee, but coffee makers that take pods open up many doors for flavour since you can buy K-cups (or an off-brand version) to ensure a variety of flavours at home.

Programmable settings

Even if you’re an experienced coffee-maker, programmable settings can come in handy so that you don’t have to do everything manually. Not only do they make it simple to make customizations to every pot or cup you brew, but they can also save you significant time in the morning. A little extra technology is incredibly useful, but it will also cost a little more.

Serving sizes

We make coffee for all sorts of reasons, so it makes sense that you’ll need a coffee maker that is flexible in its serving sizes. If your morning ritual includes taking coffee to work, a coffee maker with a single-serve option is incredibly convenient, especially if it’s compatible with a travel mug – some single-serve options even have adjustable cup sizes for this very purpose. And of course, sometimes you’ll have company and you’ll want to make multiple cups at once, so a larger carafe option is necessary for making anywhere from two to twelve cups at once. 

Filter and filter basket

As we become more focused on helping our Earth stay healthy, reusable filters are becoming more commonplace in coffee makers. These filters are washable so that you can reuse the same one over and over again. Many coffee makers also have filter baskets that can work with coffee grounds for the carafe and a pod on the single-serve side. Though some do still use disposable filters, the reusable option is much more convenient.

Keep warm function

Since mornings can be hectic, a keep-warm function on your coffee maker ensures that your coffee is perfectly drinkable even if you’re delayed by a few minutes. This feature is extra helpful if you use a coffee maker that brews at a set time so you can wake up to the smell of fresh coffee; even if you sleep in for an extra few minutes, your coffee will be waiting for you.

Ease of cleaning

One of the reasons many people enjoy going to a coffee shop for their morning caffeine is because there’s no mess to clean up, but coffee makers are designed to be very easy to clean as a rule. Most of the components are dishwasher safe, so you won’t need to manually clean your coffee maker if you don’t want to. Some coffee makers even have a self-clean cycle that takes care of the inner mechanics for you.

Pause and pour function

Mornings are rough, and sometimes you don’t want to wait for an entire pot to brew before you take that first delightful sip. A pause-and-pour function can go by many names, but it essentially means that you can stop the brewing process, pour yourself a cup, then let the brewing cycle finish. If you’re an impatient sort of person in the morning, we don’t blame you, but this feature will help you find some patience while wrangling children to get dressed before your pot is brewed.

Auto shutoff

An auto-shutoff function is useful for busy people who may forget to turn off their appliances in the morning in a mad rush to make it out the door in time. This feature ensures that the coffee maker does not keep running when there’s no water since this can ruin the machine, but it also makes sure you’re not wasting energy or putting your home at risk.