Dear Editor:

It looks like the Covid-19 pandemic is petering out (while the disease is still raging elsewhere in our global home). It looks like the economy is about to return to its competitive normal. It looks like racial discrimination is waning – well, for now anyway. It looks like major league sports makes fans put all their troubles in the old kitbag and shout, shout, shout.

What it does not look like – not to Everyday Joe – is that climate change is about to do us all in and that water, air and soil pollution are ever rapidly eating away at what sustains all forms of life on Earth. What it does not look like is that our digital efficiencies are threatened by, among others, criminal activity. What it does not look like to critical thinkers is that our political “superiors” are trying their level best to stand on guard for thee. What it does not look like is that we as a community of people really do care about our children, grandchildren…. But maybe, given our human biases, that is expecting too much.

All this while business is rebounding, working hard to have us consume more polluting goodies with attractive prices like (yes, seen it on TV) $899.99. Clearly, they like to fool people like the ones we can see in our bathroom mirrors. As do our politicians.

Wake up, wake up! It’s time to celebrate; time to take our sleeping pill.

And keep our sanity. And smile, smile, smile!

Henry K van Eyken,
Lakefield, Quebec