The recent publication of an “Open letter to the Minister of the Environment” by our MPP and MP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, appears to doubt the Ministry and the LPAT’s abilities to perform their duties.

In presenting their statements as to variables between Imperial vs Metric units, these representatives have also cast a dark shadow of ineptitude on Action Champlain’s legal representation at the same time. The UCPR are mandated by law to ensure the growth and viability of the region. Colacem presented itself as an opportunity to do just that.

Calls for “Green Industries” by the environmentalists have fallen on deaf ears within their own groups, the community and government. WHY?…Simple answer is ECONOMICS and QUALIFIED WORKFORCE within the area. Our past reliance has been on the agricultural community, small business and residential properties to provide the tax revenue base to provide services. However, these resources are being overwhelmed with the rehab of roads, infrastructure, etc., requiring  government grants in order to rectify. This is further illustrated in Mr. Drouin’s News Letter, received in the mail, suggesting 10 million $$$$ has been invested throughout the area communities over time.  I take exception to his term “investments” and suggest these funds are subsidies to the shortfall of the counties revenues. This is not to imply the funds are unwelcome. To the contrary, they are by those organizations, etc.

Graduations from our local high schools have taken place. While the final number of grads is not available, rest assured, as I have related previously in “Letters to the Editor” their future endeavours are NOT HERE because the opportunities are NOT HERE.

Ms. Simard and Mr. Drouin, your encouragement and political influence may best be employed in aiding our communities’ infrastructure short falls and support of trade school programs.

The negativity expressed in some sectors of the community and by our politicians has no place in the development of communities today or in the future.

In closing, an appeal of the LPAT decision is before the Ontario Divisional Court and acceptance of their ruling will be final. We all will wait and accept.

Jim Walsh