As of Friday, June 25, the Québec department of health and social services reported that 539,528 COVID-19 vaccine doses been administered across the Laurentides territory. Across Québec, 7,781,350 vaccine doses had been administered as of Friday to residents, including people who were vaccinated outside Québec.

COVID-19 vaccination appointments are available to all adults aged 18 and greater in Québec.

Vaccinations are also available to adolescents aged 12 to 17, and to essential workers or individuals with chronic health conditions aged 16 and higher.

All Québec residents age 18 and older may now re-book their second vaccine dose to a date sooner than originally scheduled.

Vaccinations MUST be made by appointment and can be scheduled by going to QUÉBEC.CA/VACCINCOVID or by calling 1-866-495-5833.

Québec residents interested in receiving their second dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine may go designated walk-in vaccination site, according to locations and time slots identified at


The Laurentides region is presently a yellow zone. The following changes have taken effect:

At outdoor terraces at bars:

o yellow level (from June 14): occupants of two residences per table.

Supervised sports and recreation allowed outside in groups of 25 people:

o orange level (until June 13 inclusive): contactless practice.

o yellow level (from June 14): practical with brief contacts.

On Monday, June 28, the entire Laurentides region will go to the green level. In addition to the reductions in restrictions already planned at the green level, new reductions have been also announced.

Private gatherings and outdoor terraces

  • Outdoor gatherings of a maximum of 20 people will be permitted on private property. Also, 20 people may be at the same table on the terraces of restaurants and bars.
  • A maximum of 10 people or occupants of three different residences can be together inside private homes.

Cinemas, performance halls and stadiums with assigned seats

  • The distance of 1.5 metres between the seats of people who do not reside at the same address can now be calculated laterally, which will increase the number of spectators. Seats must be kept free in the same row between people from different residences, but it will no longer be necessary to free up a space of 1.5 metres in front of and behind people.

Wedding ceremonies and funerals may be held inside the premises. Indoor and outdoor audiences with an audience maximum of 250 people must remain seated (as in assemblies or meetings).

Compliance with health measures remains essential. The decline in active cases, associated with compliance with measures and combined with the excellent participation in vaccination has enabled the region to move to a new level in less than a month.

Other reductions in COVID-19 restrictions will come into force on Friday, June 25 in all regions of Québec.

  • Masks and physical distancing will no longer be recommended when people gather in private homes for individual who have received two vaccine doses.
  • The resumption of festivals and major outdoor events during which spectators are standing or seated without an assigned seat, with a maximum of 3,500 people allowed on each site, in compliance with certain measures. 

Argenteuil situation

The number of active cases of COVID-19 among residents of the MRC d’Argenteuil as of Friday, June 25 remained below five. The CISSS des Laurentides regional health authority does not list the exact number of cases if there are less than five across a regional municipality.

As of Friday, the number of deaths due to COVID-19 across Argenteuil remained at 24.

Across the Laurentides region of Québec, there was a total of 42 active cases of COVID-19 as of June 25.

Long-term care facilities

As of June 25, there were no cases of COVID-19 in CHSLD long-term care facilities across the MRC d’Argenteuil.

Québec statistics

According to the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ), there were 1,074 active cases of COVID-19 across Québec as of Friday, June 25. There were 88 new cases across Québec on Friday.

There were 135 COVID-19 patients in hospital across Québec as of Friday, and 40 of those patients were in intensive care.

There had been 11,202 confirmed deaths due to COVID-19 across Québec as of June 25. The number of deaths had not increased since June 24.