As Champlain Township’s corporate strategic planning process nears completion, the focus is turning to actions and ensuring that the road ahead includes ongoing referral to the plan and the goals and actions it sets out.

MDB Insights, the company hired to prepare the township’s corporate strategic plan and economic development strategy, presented the draft documents to council at its committee of the whole meeting on Tuesday, June 1. (You can view the meeting on the township’s Youtube channel called Info Champlain). After this round of council input, the documents will be shared with the public in a public forum prior to being presented to council for final approval.

The mission is to move beyond the legislative purpose of council and states, “To lead the delivery of quality and efficient services that establish our Township as a welcoming, healthy community for residents, businesses and visitors.”

The vision statement states that Champlain Township “is dedicated to a safe and prosperous community, and a quality lifestyle achieved through our collective, caring leadership and our bilingual heritage.”

Guiding principles include transparency and accountability; respectful, healthy and safe workplace; leadership, and service excellence, professionalism and efficiency.

What is the economic development strategy?

The high-level strategy includes four elements:

Growing and Retaining Businesses

Preparing for New Investment

Improving Access to the Workforce

Attracting Sustainable Investment.

Each of these goals contains objectives and actions are described to achieve the objectives.