The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR) has distributed $2 million among its eight municipalities for construction work on local roads.

The City of Clarence-Rockland is receiving the largest sum of funding at $446,559.29. La Nation is receiving $435,822.91, which is the second-largest amount. The third-largest amount of $387,927.25 is going to Russell Township.

The Township of Alfred and Plantagenet is receiving $250,654.14 from the UCPR Municipal Road Transfer Fund in 2021, while $132,085.60 is going to the Town of Hawkesbury. Champlain Township is receiving $180,527.07 in municipal road funding from the UCPR this year, and East Hawkesbury Township is receiving $109,635.29. The smallest amount of UCPR municipal road funding, $56,788.45, is going to the Municipality of Casselman, which has the smallest land area and kilometre distance of municipal roads.

Under the Municipal Road Transfer Fund agreement, the funds each municipality receives are based on a formula of the total kilometres of road in each municipality, the percentage of roads per municipality versus the total kilometres of road, the percentage of each UCPR financial requisition from each municipality, a subsidy calculated on 40 per cent of roads in the municipality, and a subsidy based on 60 per cent the UCPR’s yearly requisition from each municipality.