The case appealing a decision by La Nation council to change municipal ward boundaries will be heard by the Ontario Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT), beginning on June 15.

On November 23, 2020, council approved keeping four wards but with altered boundaries. A group of residents from Limoges and surrounding area wanted council to add two more wards to give better representation to the western areas of the municipality. The group decided to file an appeal with the LPAT.

Three days have been set aside for the hearing. Members of the public wishing to watch the hearing proceedings online may do so at . The hearing can also be followed by phone by calling toll free 1-888-299-1889.

Submissions and requests to participate in the hearing must be received by the LPAT at least 10 days before the first day of the hearing is to begin. This means the deadline to submit a request to participate or to file a submission is June 10. All forms are available on the LPAT website . Participants in the hearing will be able to do so electronically using a Go To Meeting link.

Participant requests

The Party Status Request Form and Participant Status Request/Participant Statement Form are to be used to assist with the preparation of the request. If someone is requesting status, this form must be provided to the assigned Tribunal Case Coordinator Jason Kwan at [email protected] and to:

  • The municipality and the approval authority on the same day as it is emailed to the Tribunal Case Coordinator.
  • The Applicant and the Appellant(s) on the same day as it is emailed to the Tribunal Case Coordinator.

The written status request will be reviewed and considered by the presiding member at the hearing. It will also assist the Tribunal in organizing the hearing event. Attendance by the requestor, or their representative, at the hearing is required for all status requests.

Persons who are granted party status may participate fully in the proceeding. Persons who are granted participant status may only participate in writing by way of a participant statement. This statement is expected to be provided 10 days advance of the hearing as part of the status request and sets out their position in the matter.