We have officially started the most dreaded and looked forward to milestone of my little man’s toddlerhood; potty training. It actually has been going surprisingly well. My smart little angel has been a true champ. We still have a long way to go before he’s got it mastered completely but I am still a proud momma!

Potty training lessons involve a lot of patience, discipline and perseverance, but he wasn’t the only one learning these lessons. I have learned a lot from this experience as well. I gained some insight into a few aspects of our life and my role as a parent that were not necessarily easy to process, but definitely necessary to understand.

We decided to attempt a three-day potty-training program which I read about in a book. The idea behind this form of training is to give your child 100 per cent of your attention for those three days. No distractions, such as traveling, groceries, visitors etc. By giving your child all of your attention you are able to catch them in the act and quickly guide them to the potty as well as sit them on it every 20 minutes to show them this is where they go pee-pee. The perfect reason to spend three days playing with my son… shouldn’t be hard right?

Wrong! Turns out it was a lot harder to stay focused on the little rascal than I thought it would be, which makes me feel very guilty. But it also made me realize how easily we get engrossed in our day to day lives, such as household responsibilities, or being distracted by our phones and social media.

The Friday we started training, I had absolutely no reason not to give my champ my full attention. It was just the two of us at home that day. It should have been a fun “mommy and me” day, ALL DAY, yet I found myself continuously gravitating towards my phone, or wanting to watch my own television shows. I was constantly thinking about the house projects and cleaning to-do list, when really I should have enjoyed the excuse to fully focus on my son for the weekend.

Discovering how hard it was for me as an adult to completely focus on the most precious being in my life scared me. I realized how easy it is to forget to pause and take in the truly important moments in life. There will always be groceries, dishes and cleaning to do, but we will only be potty training once.

If there’s anything that the last 15 months has taught us, it’s that life as we know it can change in an instant. We should never take family for granted. Time goes by so fast and precious moments can disappear in the blink of an eye if you don’t take the time to truly absorb them! Who knew I would learn all this from having to clean up my child’s accidents for three days!