10 Years ago
Conservative MP Lemieux re-elected for third term

The Review, May 4, 2011 – GLENGARRY-PRESCOTT-RUSSELL – Incumbent Conservative MP Pierre Lemieux was re-elected by voters for a third term in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell on Monday, May 2, and met with supporters only minutes after it was announced the Conservative Party had won a national majority. Lemieux secured the win with 48.8 per cent of the vote, while Liberal Party candidate Julie Bourgeois received 30.7 per cent.

25 Years Ago
Partial ban on smoking at VKH Community Centre

The Review, May 8, 1996 – VANKLEEK HILL – Hockey fans will have to butt out at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre, however adult bingo players and party goers will still be able to light up in the upstairs hall. A smoking ban in the arena portion of the community centre is imposed in a bylaw recently adopted by Vankleek Hill Town Council. The law is designed to clear the air in the lobby and the rink.

50 Years Ago
Raymond Theoret Store destroyed by fire

The Review, May 5, 1971 – ROUTHIER CORNER – A long-established store at Routhier Corner was completely demolished by fire early Sunday morning last. Mr. and Mrs. R Theoret and two children had left for Ottawa early Saturday evening, when a neighbour noticed the building engulfed in flames. A few items of furniture in the kitchen were saved. The loss is only partially covered by insurance.

75 Years Ago
Hawkesbury schools closed due to measles outbreak

The Review, May 9, 1946 – HAWKESBURY – All the French schools in Hawkesbury have been closed on orders from the medical health officers because of an epidemic of measles.

100 Years Ago
Traveling shows should pay for licenses

The Review, May 6, 1921 – VANKLEEK HILL – Following along the same lines of other towns, it would be a good idea if a license were demanded from all traveling shows that desire to show in this town. The show of last week carried away some $100 of hard cash right from our midst that will never return again, and probably before the summer is over, other troupes will do the same thing. This license does not interfere with any local entertainments, or outside troupes showing under the auspices of any local organization.

125 Years Ago
Swindle scheme targets farms

The Review, May 8, 1896 – EASTERN ONTARIO – Here is a swindler scheme which is meeting with success in some localities. A traveling salesman visits a farm house and tries to induce the occupants to buy a bill of groceries to be shipped from some city. In the payment, the man agrees to take eggs. To make it all right, the farmer gives his note for the goods and the swindler gives his for the eggs. The goods and the salesman are never seen again, but the farmer’s note turns up at the bank.

Photo and caption reprinted from the May 4, 2011, edition of The Review.