Anyone who has entered the front hall of the Grenville-sur-la-Rouge municipal building in recent weeks has likely noticed some attractive art on display. FACIÈS is an exhibit by local clay and ceramic artist Sylvie Pronovost.

The dictionary definition of facies is characteristic appearance, shape, and expression of the face, which is what Pronovost aimed to highlight in this exhibit.

“I take pleasure in inventing figures from my imagination that I call Facies, ranging from the ancient and mythological world to the contemporary era,” said Pronovost.

In creating FACIÈS, Pronovost has mixed clay and branches to give them style and magnify their heads to give them a more organic, sculptural, and contemporary appearance.  She has also used wood chips and straw to smoke some of the works as a way of obtaining colour and suggesting the passage of time.

FACIÈS remains on display at the Grenville-sur-la-Rouge municipal building near Route 148 in Calumet until April 30.

FACIÈS by Sylvie Pronovost. Photo: James Morgan