The Village de Grenville is planning to make it easier for residents to walk or bike to the shopping area along Route 344/rue Maple.

According to Mayor Pierre Thauvette, the village would like to add a bicycle and pedestrian path to a ditch easement between rue Queen and the IGA store. Thauvette said that the ditch needs to be constructed first and the path would be added at a later date.

The village also is planning to reach an agreement with property owners in the area to establish another path, which would be parallel to Route 344/rue Maple between the IGA grocery store and rue Principale.

Thauvette said the ideal plan would be to develop a circuit of cycling and walking paths throughout Grenville.

In 2019, plans to build a pedestrian and cycling bridge across the Grenville Canal were delayed indefinitely because funding was not available. The bridge would have connected with the existing path that runs  along the narrow strip of land between the canal and the Ottawa River.

In 2020, a section of the recreational path between rue Principale and rue Canal Nord was reconstructed when new residential building lots were prepared on what will be an extension of rue Queen near the Grenville Bay marsh.

Construction site on rue Maple

Recently, the former Auto Grenville used car lot on rue Maple/Route 344 in Grenville closed.  The vehicles were removed from the property, the building was moved, and extensive excavation work began.  According to Thauvette, the property was sold, and another used car lot will be opening at the site.