The COVID-19 gargle test is now being offered at testing centres in the Laurentides region for children ages five and older.

According to the CISSS des Laurentides regional health authority, this less invasive testing method obtains a saliva sample when a person gargles with water.

In order for the sample to be correct, it is strongly recommended that individuals practice gargling at home before going to the testing centre.   To do this, five millilitres of water and a small cup are needed, which is the exact amount used at the testing facility.

The person must gargle with water for five seconds in the mouth, then five seconds in the throat with their head back. This sequence must be done twice.

A non-compliant sample by gargling cannot be analyzed in the laboratory. The test will then be done using a swab from the throat and nose.

Gargle testing cannot be offered to the following groups:

  • Healthcare worker with symptoms associated with COVID-19
  • Anyone who does not have symptoms related to COVID-19 whose condition may require intubation or bronchoscopy within 48 hours.
  • Anyone without symptoms related to COVID-19 waiting for a transplant as well as the donor.
  • Anyone who is unable to gargle properly.
  • Children under the age of five.

For contact details of designated screening clinics, visit the website: