10 Years ago
Magnitude 4.3 earthquake rattles region
The Review, March 23, 2011 – Area residents felt the ground shake at 1:36 pm. on Wednesday, March 16, following a magnitude 4.3 earthquake centered just southeast of Hawkesbury. The earthquake rattled a wide area from the Laurentians, north of Montreal, all the way to the Ottawa region. The shaking lasted approximately 20 seconds. The epicenter was near the intersection of County Road 17 and Golf Club Road east of Hawkesbury.

25 Years Ago
Higginson Tower to be restored
The Review, March 27, 1996 – Vankleek Hill Town Council will proceed with the designation of the Higginson Observational Tower as a historic site, enabling the Vankleek Hill Bicentennial-Centennial Committee to proceed with plans to restore the tower. The town will lease the tower and a parcel of land on Home Avenue for a a minimum of 20 years from owner Phil Arber, who also owns Arbor Gallery, adjacent to the tower.

50 Years Ago
VCI ‘Where It’s At’ no more
The Review, March 24, 1971 – After serious reflection, our English teacher, Mr.. Roy, decided that it would be profitable for the Grade 13 students to discontinue the publication of the VCI ‘Where It’s At’ section in the weekly edition of the E.O. Review. Instead of two periods a week for the newspaper, Grade 13 will switch to regular composition classes. Many students are looking forward to university studies. Let’s hope that these people will appreciate this worthwhile change – Denis Paquette, 13

75 Years Ago
VCI Girls Basketball finals
The Review, March 28, 1946 – The final playoffs in the Girls’ House League took place on March 21 in the gym. Betty Brown’s team was defeated when Lillian Oswald’s made 24 to the other’s 16. On the same night Rita Conway’s team played Evelyn Campbell’s and the game ended with an even score of 12-12.

100 Years Ago
Grand concert to aid Rialto Orchestra
The Review, March 25, 1921 – A play – She Steeps to Conquer – will be the main feature at the grand concert in aid of the Rialto Orchestra in Vankleek Hill on Tuesday, March 29, at 8 pm. sharp. The Rialto Orchestra is composed of young men of the Town who are endeavouring to put Vankleek Hill on the musical map. The have the talent but they lack suitable instruments. They need your help. Admission to the concert is 50 cents. Everybody come.

125 Years Ago
Snowball throwers out of hand
The Review, March 27, 1896 – Throwing snowballs is as natural to a healthy, active boy as breathing, and while the pastime is confined to acquaintances or indulged in amongst themselves, there is nothing to be said against it. But during the past few days the practice has been carried to excess; strangers have been indiscriminately assaulted on our streets, not only by boys, but by some who were apparently men – that their intellect may not have kept pace with their bodily development, and the boys’ mind still retained, is the only excuse we can see for them. Complaints have been made to the Police Magistrate, and unless the practice is discontinued, some of the offenders will find themselves in an unpleasant position.