The Champlain Library is very excited to announce it has been accepted as a Butterflyway Ranger for the David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyway Project. The goal of the Butterflyway Project is to establish habitat for local bees and butterflies in communities throughout the country. The project was launched in 2017 and in the first four years, 1,008 project volunteers planted 54,000+ native wildflowers in 1,000+ pollinator patches in more than 100 communities.

As a Ranger, the library is tasked with organizing a small local team to help plant at least a dozen pollinator patches. Alicia Heinzle, Children’s Services Librarian, is currently recruiting community members who would be interested in supplying a pollinator plot (could be on their lawn, in a pot, an old wheel barrow or buggy etc.) to plant and is also looking for native plants and flowers. The plantings provide habitat to support local insects like wild bees and butterflies, while making the neighbourhoods greener, healthier and wilder. If you are interested in helping the Champlain Library with this project, please contact the library at [email protected]