There will be no increase in remuneration in 2021 for members of the municipal council in Lachute.

On March 1, council approved maintaining the mayor’s salary for 2021 at $54,106.72 and councillor’s salaries at $15,278,29 each.  The councillor serving as supplementary mayor receives an additional $4,368.09.  Lachute has six councillors in addition to the mayor.

According to Lachute Director-General Benoit Gravel, the measure taken by council on March 1 was largely a procedural matter because the mayor is required to record his vote when adopting a by-law on the remuneration of elected officials.

Lachute council last increased its remuneration in 2019 when the federal income tax exemption on municipal council salaries was discontinued.  At that time, council in Lachute—and many other municipalities, decided to increase its remuneration and expense allowance in order to compensate for the end of the exemption.