In February, Brownsburg-Chatham council approved giving a two-year mandate to the recently formed Argenteuil SPCA for animal control responsibilities throughout the municipality.

When council met on March 2, it unanimously approved the designation of District 5 Councillor Antoine Laurin as the council representative on the SPCA administrative council until December 6, 2021.

Also, on March 2, council unanimously approved the appointment of Steve Doe and Guillaume Gagnon as municipal inspectors, who will have animal control law enforcement authority for the SPCA.

The base price for the agreement between Brownsburg-Chatham and the Argenteuil SPCA is $52,000 per year plus taxes.  In 2022, the base cost will be adjusted based on changes in the Consumer Price Index.

The Argenteuil SPCA is establishing a new facility on Route 148 in St-Philippe.