The Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) is now providing regular updates on the progress of COVID-19 vaccination efforts across its jurisdiction.  The EOHU will update the COVID-19 Vaccine Status Report weekly, on Thursdays. More frequent updates may be shared if new information requires urgent release. Please note that the EOHU vaccine distribution plan is adjusted anytime new direction is received from the province.

As of Thursday, February 25, 5,921 people across the EOHU’s territory had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Who received vaccines last week · Retirement Home (RH) residents, 1st dose

· Long-Term Care (LTC) residents, 2nd dose

· LTC staff, 1st dose

Who is receiving vaccines this week · All LTC residents have received 1st and 2nd doses

· RH residents are currently being administered their 1st dose

Who is planned to receive vaccines next week February 27th to March 4th, 2021

· RH staff and essential caregivers  (1st dose)

· LTC staff and essential caregivers who missed the clinics at their facilities (1st dose)

· RH residents who missed the clinics at their facilities
(1st dose)

Other information Vaccine supply continues to impact both the local and provincial vaccine roll out.  As a result, we continue to adjust our local plans to align with Ministry-identified target populations.

Please be assured that the EOHU is undertaking every effort to distribute the vaccines as soon as they are received in order to protect as many of our residents as possible, as quickly as possible. It remains extremely important to continue following public health precautions – even if you have received the vaccine – until a large majority of residents in our region have been vaccinated.

For the latest updates about COVID-19 vaccines, including which population groups are eligible to receive it and how to access it, please regularly visit the EOHU’s website at