The Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) is now offering highly specialized and much-needed surgeries: outpatient hip and knee replacement. Residents from Prescott-Russell and the surrounding area have access to this new service from the orthopedics program thanks to an affiliation with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa.

“The new facilities brought by our redevelopment project combined with our affiliation with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa enable us to provide our patients with specialized surgery. This is another significant step forward in the transformation of HGH into a highly efficient full-service regional hospital. The entire community benefits from these new specialized services, closer to home,” said HGH Chief Executive Officer Marc Le Boutillier.

The first joint replacement surgeries were performed in December 2020 in HGH’s state-of-the-art facilities. Dr. Paul E. Beaulé and Dr. Geoffrey Dervin are leading a team of world-class surgeons who use the latest medical advances to perform joint replacements that do not require a hospital stay for the patient. This type of day surgery is less invasive than traditional joint replacement surgery. It reduces the risk of complications and enables a faster recovery for the patient

Dr. Paul E. Beaulé, Director of the Orthopedics Program at the University of Ottawa, contributed to the opening of the HGH Orthopedics Clinic. In addition to joint replacement, the clinic treats patients for fractures, ligaments and tendons repairs, hand surgery as well as foot and ankle surgery. Patients must consult with their family physician to get a referral to see a specialist at HGH.

Important facts

Benefits of the HGH Orthopedics Clinic and outpatient joint replacement surgery

  • The program was established to allow close to home surgeries and follow-ups for patients.
  • Joint replacement surgeries are performed as day surgeries that do not require hospitalization.
  • The anterior approach for hip replacements and the “Attune” system for knee replacements are less invasive and ease patient rehabilitation.
  • Shoulder and knee arthroscopic surgery (joint and cartilage reconstruction).
  • The Orthopedics Surgery Program also treats patients for fractures, ligament and tendon repairs, and hand, foot and ankle surgeries.