Champlain Township council has changed the due date for the first property tax payment in 2021. Champlain Township Treasurer Kevin Tessier included the request in his report to council as part of the township’s regular January 14 meeting agenda.

In that report, Tessier suggested that having the due date at the end of February could be difficult for some taxpayers because it follows the holiday season. Tessier suggested that the interim tax due date be changed to the end of March.

Pointing out that Champlain Township was the only municipality in Prescott-Russell with an interim tax due date in February, Tessier also reported that changing the due date would cost the municipality an estimated $4,000 in lost penalties and interest. In all 2,663 taxpayers will be affected, as 1165 taxpayers are enrolled in the municipality’s pre-authorized payment plan and an additional 622 taxpayers are enrolled in a mortgage payment agreement.