“It’s really the embodiment of home, sweet home,” is how Samme Putzel describes Vankleek Hill.  She was the partner of the late Phil Arber and continues her love for the community through Excellent Events and The Creating Centre which make so many of the town’s popular annual events and festivals possible.

Samme has lived on a farm outside Vankleek Hill since 1973.  She and Arber previously lived in Montréal before then.

“Phil came home one day and said, ‘I bought a farm,” Putzel recalled.

“It was quite magical,” was how she described moving to Vankleek Hill and becoming part of the community.

“There’s a magic to it,” is how she described the personality of the community.

“It’s all about the stories,” she added.

Putzel said that to her, one thing makes Vankleek Hill particularly special.

“It’s the kindness of the people here.”