Marché Lacroix will not reopen.

The popular grocery store at the corner of James and Regent Streets in Hawkesbury was destroyed by a fire on May 23.  On December 3, Stéphane Jeaurond, who had owned the store for 20 years, announced that he would not be rebuilding or reopening the 85-year-old business.

“I want to try to be there for my kids and family,” said Jeaurond, who noted that he recently turned 50 and “wants to try something else.”  He referred to the long hours he put in working at the store every day.

Jeaurond said he was also concerned about what the state of the economy could be during the next five to 10 years, including how taxes could increase following record amounts of government spending on the COVID-19 response.

He explained that he is working on another business project, but it is still in its planning and organization stages, so it is not quite time to discuss the plans yet.

“It was a hard decision,” Jeaurond said regarding his decision not to rebuild.

Marché Lacroix had 12 employees, and fortunately, all of them have found new jobs.  Jeaurond said in the Facebook post announcing his decision that his employees were his “second family.”  He said in a recent interview that they all keep in regular touch with each other.

In his announcement, Jeaurond thanked his loyal customers, and also the Lacroix family which started the store in 1935 and owned it for most of its 85 years.

Jeaurond said that as of December 9, excavators were completing backfilling the property at the corner of James and Regent Streets and he is getting ready to list the property for sale.