Hydro-Québec has announced that work scheduled for October 26 to November 1 downstream of the Carillon Hydroelectric Dam must be postponed to mid-November. The current climatic conditions do not allow the work to be carried out in complete safety. As soon as possible, Hydro-Québec will notify the public of when the work will take place.

The work will involve repairs on the safety boom located downstream of the dam and the removal of the safety boom located upstream. Some components must be replaced following breakage that occurred during last spring’s floods.

A company of divers will be used to carry out the work. To ensure the safety of workers in the water and in the water, it will be necessary to temporarily lower the level of the Ottawa River upstream of the Carillon hydroelectric development.

When lowered, the water level will respect operating levels for the generating station at all times, but a variation of between 30 and 50 cm could be felt as far as Gatineau. The level of lowering of the river will be determined according to the water supply at the time of the work.

Hydro-Québec invites users of the Ottawa River to take the water level into account and to exercise caution.

Hydro-Québec thanks the public for their understanding and invites them to use the Info-projets line –1 800 465-1521, extension 6022 – to obtain more information.