La Fédération des Aînés et des Retraités Francophones de L’Ontario (FARFO) is holding two online webinars on elder abuse in LGBTQQIA2S communities.

The webinars are being held in collaboration with the seniors Pride and Elder Abuse Prevention Network. The French session is scheduled for Thursday, October 1, with an English presentation on Friday, October 2. The sessions are aimed at providing a better understanding of the realities and issues facing seniors who are part of these communities and who are victims of abuse, as well as the resources available to help them.

Thursday’s French webinar is being presented by Carmen Paquette, who has been an advocate for social justice for several decades. Paquette has served as the Human Rights Commissioner for Ontario and as President of Equality for Gays and Lesbians. She is currently an activist in Retraite en Action and the Ottawa Senior Pride Network.

Friday’s webinar in English will feature Anthony Mohamed and Heather Hay as keynote speakers. Mohamed is the Senior Specialist, Equity and Community Engagement, Quality and Performance at St. Michael’s Hospital. Hay is the Coordinator for Elder Abuse Prevention Muskoka and served as the President of Canada Pride.

More information on the two webinars being held by FARFO can be found here.