How to hire and who should involved in the hiring process was discussed when Hawkesbury town council held a special meeting on July 9.

Mayor Paula Assaly had requested to be part of the interview process and selection committee for a new Director of Recreation and Tourism.  The previous director, along with two other employees of the department, were terminated in June.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Daniel Gatien is on medical leave until August 14.  Human Resources Director Dominique Dussault is serving as Acting CAO until that time.

Councillor Robert Lefebvre asked Dussault what the existing policy and process are for hiring new employees.

Dussault explained that the selection committee is usually composed of council members, the CAO, and Director of Human Resources, but that the policy could be modified to include the participation of the mayor.

According to Dussault, July is not a good time to recruit new municipal employees due to vacation season.

Councillor Yves Paquette agreed that July is not a suitable time for employee recruitment and said he would prefer to wait until Gatien has returned to work.

Lefebvre and Paquette proposed that the discussion regarding the participation of the mayor, other councillors, and municipal personnel in the staff hiring process be discussed in closed session.  The proposal was unanimously approved by council.