The weather is hot and dry, and with St-Jean Baptiste/Fete Nationale and Canada Day approaching, the Lachute fire department wants to remind residents about fire and fireworks safety.

The ban on all open-air fires in Québec, ordered by the SOPFEU fire protection agency is in effect due to the current heat wave.  That means any kind of fire is prohibited, even those for which a permit had already been issued by the fire department, and those meant for backyard enjoyment, even if they comply with municipal by-laws.

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Use of fireworks

Fireworks seem to pose a great risk of fire when used carelessly.  Although the sale of fireworks is permitted at several businesses, their use is regulated in Lachute.

All use of fireworks in Lachute must be supervised by a pyrotechnician and have a permit from the fire department.

For more information on fire permits and related regulations in Lachute, contact the fire department at 450 562-3781, ext. 268 or by email at [email protected].

Outdoor mood lights

Outdoor mood lights and torch lights are popular in the summer, and the fire department reminds Lachute residents that they can have serious consequences if the basic rules are not respected.  The particularly dry weather this year increases risks of spreading fire to surrounding wooded areas.

Do not use materials that could explode or ignite violently and do not burn materials harmful to the environment or use accelerants such as gasoline or oils.

The municipality is asking residents to respect the neighborhood by limiting the emission of smoke and bad odors created by the combustion of certain prohibited materials.

For this purpose, here are the important points to be observed when lighting an outdoor atmosphere fire:

  • the facility must be located three metres from property lines and 8 meters from any building in a private residential courtyard, and 4.5 metres from any vehicle or equipment
  • all installations must be fitted with a spark arrester
  • burning is prohibited when outdoor fires are forbidden by the provincial SOPFEU agency
  • it is forbidden to make a fire outside when the wind speed exceeds 20 km / hour.
  • it is prohibited to burn any material which, because of its properties, presents a danger to health or the environment
  • an appropriate extinguisher must be provided, such as a garden hose
  • a person 18 years of age or older must be responsible for the fire and be able to take and keep control of it and extinguish it.

Compliance with these measures is of paramount importance in order to avoid the spread of fire to forests, buildings, as well as avoiding injury or other conflicting situations with the neighborhood.

Non-compliance with the rules can result in fines.