To make up for the scarcity of resources in the field of care for the elderly and the vulnerable, the Government of Québec is unveiling the new accelerated program support for assistance care in health facilities. Registration is open now on Qué / becomeprepose, and the first course sessions will start in mid-June.

The Premier of Québec François Legault, Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge, and the Minister responsible for Seniors and Caregivers, Marguerite Blais, made the announcement on June 2. Nearly 10,000 long-term care facility attendant positions are available.

The new training program will be offered in accelerated format over a period of three months, for a total of 375 hours. It will lead to an attestation of professional studies (AEP). Training will be offered in a hybrid mode: 120 hours in training centres followed by 255 hours in work-study formula, or 103 hours in distance training (approximately 2 days per week) and 152 hours in establishments (approximately 3 days per week).

Applicants enrolled in this program will learn in particular to prevent infection and contamination, to develop a relational approach providing support and comfort, and to provide assistance care to people.

Students will receive a scholarship equivalent to $ 760 per week during their training. They will then be assured of employment upon obtaining their certificate, with a full-time annual salary of $ 49,000 which includes the premiums resulting from the decree relating to the state of health emergency.

“If you are ready to share your strength, your energy, your humanity, if you want to make a difference in the lives of our builders, then please get involved,“ said Legault.