Missing the book recommendations from staff and patrons of the Champlain Library? The library has you covered. Below is a book review provided by one of its patrons of the library. More books reviews are also available on the library’s website. Virtual book reviews are just one of the ways that the Champlain Library is connecting with its patrons during its temporary closure. If you have read a book that you would like to share with others whether it is an adult, teen or children’s story, please email the library at [email protected]

The book I read was The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell. This was her first novel written in 2013. It took place in 1923. The main character, Rose, was the stenographer in a police precinct. At this time, women had very little chance of advancement. A new girl joins the office and straight laced Rose falls under her spell and gets herself into a lot of trouble. There is a real unexpected twist at the end. I enjoyed the book very much and would recommend it. I also read the Tatooist of Auschwitz, which although not very uplifting, made me realize what we are going through now, is nothing compared to the prison camps.”

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