To The Editor,

I remember after the great Ice Storm of 1998, our local leaders decide to put emergency plans and funds in place in case of . . .

We’ve seen interaction with flooding in and around our region, where are our leaders during this pandemic?

Local people are giving time and effort away to make comfort-food meals that are being giving to people suffering anxieties, and other issues related to this pandemic.  I’m not talking about people that are in need of food banks, but people that live within your area — yes, your neighbours — and people who live alone that cannot be reached.

A Catered Affair is a example of people who care, but food is not free. Didn’t our elected leaders have a reserve for emergencies?  By the way, why are they hiding?  They could had lead a program for local people and ask volunteers to call and check in on those who made need help.

I will be awaiting to have comment on this and see our leaders respond.

Last on our local newspaper, keep on the good work and it is noteworthy to see on how positively people interact and share with each other.

Yves Robert, Hawkesbury