Alfred and Plantagenet Township Council approved the 2020 municipal budget when it met on February 18.

In 2019, the township collected $7,861,260 in property taxes.  In 2020, it is collecting $8,319,235.  That’s an increase of $357,975 or 4.5 per cent.

Overall township revenue in 2019 was $12,846,488.  In 2020, it is projected to be $12,894,192, or $47,704.  This year, the municipality is borrowing $288,723 and is transferring $719,149 from reserves.

The municipal operating budget in 2020 is $10,729,942, an increase of $246,684 from $10,483,258 in 2019.  The largest operating cost increases are $256,160 more for roads, waste management will cost $135,546 more, and an additional $134,420 is being allocated for recreation.

Operating budget reductions are also happening.  For administration, $367,848 less will be spent in 2020.  The Marina operating budget has decreased by $42,289, and $21,462 has been taken from the library budget for this year.


Even though operating budget reductions have been made in three departments, the library still has $30,000 in capital funding in 2020, and administration will have $61,520.

The biggest increase in capital spending in Alfred and Plantagenet this year is an additional $358,723 for fire protection.  The reasons for the increase are plans to purchase a new pumper truck and bunker suits for firefighters.

The marina capital budget is set at $60,000 this year.  The facility did not receive any capital funding in 2019.  Boat launch improvements in Lefaivre and Wendover are being planned at a cost of $30,000 each.

An additional $42,664 more has been set aside for the recreation capital budget in 2020.  There are plans for recreational path construction at Denis St-Pierre Park and additional asphalt at the Wendover Community Centre.

Capital funding for roads in 2020 is $1,472,355, a reduction of $558,245 from 2019.  Construction of a sand and salt storage dome is planned and $336,975 has been set aside for that project.

Down the pipes

Customers of Alfred and Plantagenet’s three water and sewer systems will pay more for services in 2020.  All increases are based on a consumption amount of 140 cubic metres in 2019.  For water in Alfred and Lefaivre, the flat rate is increasing by 4.8 per cent and the consumption rate by 5.4 per cent, which will result in a $19 increase.  In Plantagenet village, the flat rate is increasing by 4.7 per cent and the consumption rate by five per cent, leading to a $22 increase.  Customers on the Wendover water system the fixed rate is increasing by 4.8 per cent and the consumption rate by 5.1 per cent, which amounts to a $31.80 increase.

The fixed rate for customers of the Alfred sewage system is increasing by 2.9 per cent and no changes are being made to the consumption rate.  This will mean an $8 increase for Alfred sewage customers.  The fixed rate and consumption rate are each increasing by 2.9 per cent for customers of the Plantagenet sewage system, which will result in a $10.40 increase.  Wendover sewage system customers will see a $17.60 increase, due to the flat rate increasing by 2.7 per cent and the consumption rate increasing by 2.8 per cent.