A letter to us from a former resident whose heart is still here, in some ways

To The Editor and Review staff,

I am writing on a good old-fashioned piece of paper to sincerely thank you for creating such a fine newspaper of news, information, wisdom pieces, editorials, reflections, opinions and reflecting the deep pulse of a community.

It is so refreshing to read people expressing themselves and for me to have a taste of home away from home every time I read The Review. I don’t live far away but our town lost its fine newspaper 10 years ago and it’s not been the same since — and I realize that every time I read The Review, even when I play catch-up, reading my Dad’s accumulated Reviews.

For this reason, I know I could subscribe online but I would like to subscribe to a good ol’ paper version, since I love holding the paper and unfolding it, spreading it out and sinking into it, searching for opinions, letters, editorial, advertising, coming events, goings-on in articles, wishing I could attend Zumba, art exhibitions, the Farmers’ Market, the tours . . . sigh! Even wondering if I would move back . . .

My Dad passed away last June and reading The Review helps me heal and retain that part of me that has roots there — as I grew up in the area, attended Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute, doing 4-H at the Vankleek Hill Fair, knowing that I have a past in those cogs in the wheel of time, based in Vankleek Hill. (Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Company is built on land by Dad used to farm.)

So: here’s my cheque for a subscription. I have just caught up with the last Review we had and I can’t wait to get a fresh one! Keep up the great work and thank you again for all your efforts.
They bring much joy.

Lynn Lalonde, Gananoque
Editor’s personal note: I called Lynn to thank her for this letter, and we caught up on Vankleek Hill, reminisced about Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute teachers and much more!
— Louise Sproule

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Louise Sproule

Louise Sproule has been the publisher of The Review since 1992. A part-time job after high school at The Review got Sproule hooked on community newspapers and all that they represent. She loves to write, has covered every kind of event you can think of, loves to organize community events and loves her small town and taking photographs across the region. She dreams of writing a book one day so she can finally tell all of the town's secrets! She must be stopped! Keep subscribing to The Review . . . or else!

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