The Ontario government announced $200 million for infrastructure projects in 424 communities in 2020. The provincial funding will be provided as part of the Ontario Community infrastructure Fund (OCIF).

Ontario Premier Doug Ford included the news in his speech to municipal officials gathered this week at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) conference in Toronto on January 20.

You can read Ford’s entire speech here.

While there are no details yet of how these funds will be spent in local municipalities, here is the breakdown of local OCIF funding:

Township of East Hawkesbury: $56,261

Township of Champlain: $136,778

Village of Casselman: $183,318

Township of North Glengarry: $204,790

Township of Alfred and Plantagenet: $296,569

Municipality of The Nation: $417,421

City of Clarence-Rockland: $591,090

Township of Russell: $633,517

Town of Hawkesbury: $653,336

United Counties of Prescott and Russell: $718,078.

The Review will be checking in with the above municipalities to find out which projects in area municipalities will benefit.