Books. We are still reading them, in all their forms. But yeah, print is still our fav.

Hmm. Are we still reading books?

We did some reading of our own and found some research about whether we are still reading. Or not. In short, we ARE still reading. And surprisingly, library use is up, in part because we are trying out new formats. (Skip to the end of this piece for a link to local library websites in the region.)

And how, exactly, are we reading? Books? E-books? Tablets? Audio books? Okay, audio books are not exactly reading, are they?

But apparently, tablets are losing popularity among digital book readers in Canada. Dedicated e-readers are still loved by about one-quarter of digital readers.

And here is an interesting finding. Some studies show that Canadians are reading less, but the Canadians who do read — are reading the same or more books than before.

If you read, you are eight out of 10 times more likely to have checked out a book from a library. And as Canadians, even if almost all of us have read a print book during the past year, more than a quarter of us have listened to an audio book in the last year, while half of us have read an e-book.

Sounds like good news.

The Champlain Library is located at 94 Main Street East in Vankleek Hill. Borrow books, DVDs, magazines, join a book club, a knitting group, take your kids to story time or enjoy craft activities there. Join the Friends of the Library as a volunteer. Your local library employs local people and remember: your tax dollars support your local library, so why not use local library services and encourage your kids to leave the screen and take them to your local library!

Champlain Township Library

Hawkesbury Public Library

Alfred-Plantagenet Library — three branches

The Nation Municipality Library

Bibliothèque Jean-Marc-Belzile in Lachute, QC

Bibliothèque Fernand Bernier in Grenville, QC

Bibliothèque Brownsburg-Chatham, QC



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