Construction is in full swing at the Alexandria Water Plant, which is located near the intersection of Park Avenue and Gernish Street, in Alexandria. Located on the shore of Mill Pond, the Alexandria Water Treatment Plant purifies the drinking water for the distribution system in the town of Alexandria.  When the Maxville Water System becomes operational in early 2020, water will be pumped by pipeline from Alexandria to Maxville.

As part of the Maxville Water Project, a number of upgrades were necessary at the Alexandria Water Treatment Plant. These upgrades began this fall, when Bourgon Construction, who was awarded the bid on this phase of work, began removing the original cladding from the building and preparing the south-west area of the building for an extension.  This enlargement will enable the installation of two new flocculation tanks, which are utilized as part of the water treatment process.

Other upgrades include a new sludge removal system in the sedimentation tanks and some new piping throughout the building; and new filter media installation, to help remove taste and odour issues. The current SCADA system is being upgraded. SCADA is part of the automated computer system that helps to monitor and regulate the water treatment and process.

The exterior of the building will receive an extensive refresh. High winds and age have caused a rapid deterioration of the roof, which is being replaced. New windows and doors are being added and the building will also receive cohesive new cladding.

Construction costs are estimated to be around $3.7 million. This figure is part of the $30 million Maxville Water Project. Work on the Alexandria Water Plant is expected to be completed by early summer 2020.