The Prescott-Russell Entrepreneurship Centre is offering help for start-up companies and for expansions of existing companies.

The Prescott-Russell Entrepreneurship Centre (PREC) has relaunched the Starter Company Plus Program. This grant program, which aims to help entrepreneurs start a new company, expand an existing one or buy a business in Ontario, is back again. Entrepreneurs interested can apply now for this program, which will begin in January 2020.

Through the Starter Company Plus Program, entrepreneurs can obtain one-on-one guidance from the Prescott-Russell Entrepreneurship Centre Project Officer, can participate in business workshops, seminars and networking events with topics ranging from marketing, budgeting, motivation to making their elevator pitch and more.

“This program will provide mentoring and train entrepreneurs with important information and tools from business professionals. Participants will be able to apply for a grant application worth $ 5,000. This financial assistance, in the form of a non-refundable grant, will help in equipment purchases, marketing expenses, business fees and in the installation of their business and miscellaneous entrepreneurial expenses. In addition, the program supports the writing and execution of their business plan. Indeed, the business plan is an essential document at the PREC as well as for every entrepreneur,” says Liza Langevin, Project Officer for the PREC. “Our vision is to lead entrepreneurs in Prescott and Russell towards the path of success,” she continues. In short, the PREC will support the participants in the training as well as in the drafting of their business plan.

The PREC works in partnership with business coaches where their knowledge and experience will push entrepreneurs to excel and achieve success. They will ensure that their services are of quality training and according to the participants. The goal is the same for everyone; provide tools and knowledge to increase the success rate of entrepreneurs and extend the life of the average business.

The Prescott-Russell Entrepreneurship Center (PREC) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help small business owners and small business entrepreneurs succeed in Prescott and Russell by providing information, tools and support during their start-up and growth phases. Entrepreneurs interested in participating in this program have until December 20, 2019, to apply.