Argenteuil-La Petite Nation will again have Liberal representation in the House of Commons.

Stéphane Lauzon, who was first elected at the Member of Parliament (MP) for the riding in 2015, was re-elected on Monday evening.

According to Elections Canada, as of 2:06 a.m. Tuesday, Lauzon won the riding with 18,759 votes, or 37.8 per cent of the popular vote.

The Liberal victory was achieved with only 672 votes more than Bloc Québecois candidate Yves Destroismaisons, who received 18,087 votes.  Conservative candidate Marie Louis-Seize finished third with 6,001 votes.  The turnout in Argenteuil-La Petite Nation was 61.87 per cent.

The strong showing by the Bloc Québecois reflected gains the party made across Québec on election day.  The nationalist party won 32 seats, leading to its best result since Lucien Bouchard was its leader.  The resurgence of the Bloc’s popularity was evident when its current leader, Yves François Blanchet, made a campaign stop in Lachute on October 11.

Lauzon had emphasized the need to better protect the environment and invest in infrastructure throughout the campaign.  He also emphasized federal funding was available for the restoration of the Grenville Canal.

NDP-New Democratic Party Charlotte Boucher Smoley 3,704 7.5 %
Bloc Québécois Yves Destroismaisons 18,087 36.4 %
People’s Party Sherwin Edwards 714 1.4 %
Liberal Stéphane Lauzon 18,759 37.8 %
Conservative Marie Louis-Seize 6,001 12.1 %
Green Party Marjorie Valiquette 2,358 4.8 %