The Township of North Glengarry is asking residents to show their Glengarry pride by voting in the Tnemec Tank of the Year Contest. The Maxville water tower is one of this year’s contenders – and the the North American competition is fierce!

Since 2006, Tnemec has celebrated the innovative and creative uses of its coatings on water tanks with the annual Tank of the Year contest. Each year, tanks of all varieties from across Canada and the United States have been narrowed down to determine one true Tank of the Year.

Voting will be open from Oct. 7 – Oct. 18. Once all votes are in, the top tank during the voting process and 11 runners-up will be judged by an internal panel of water tank enthusiasts to determine the winner. The Tank of the Year will be announced October 25. Votes can be cast at

The Township of North Glengarry prides itself on its rich Celtic heritage. For many – Maxville represents the heart of this Celtic pride. For more than 70 years, Maxville residents have embraced the Glengarry Highland Games as a part of their identity. They open their homes to visiting pipe bands and welcome them as new friends they haven’t met yet. It is a community-driven initiative that is unique to North America and which continues to attract international attention. Each year, the Games attract tens of thousands of visitors to our region, including political leaders and celebrities. Maxville’s tiny population of a few hundred people swells during the Glengarry Highland Games.

When it came time to erect Maxville’s water tower in 2018, the choice to emblazon it with the tartan of Glengarry seemed like the obvious move. The tartan was created and patented by the Glengarry Highland Games and it is used with the Games’ permission for marketing purposes by the Township of North Glengarry and the Township of South Glengarry. It is also prominently displayed on our local and County logos.

In order to ensure that the logo met the standards of the original design, efforts were made to painstakingly match the tartan colours, while staying at true as possible to a design that was originally intended for textiles. The green “swoosh” at the top of the tartan was added to mirror the township logo.

The tartan was then hand-painted onto the Maxville water tower. To say it generated an enormous amount of local attention is an understatement.

The Maxville water tower represents one phase of a multi-tiered project to bring potable drinking water, by pipeline, from Alexandria to Maxville. The Maxville water project cost upwards of $30 million and was made possible by the support of funding provided at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.