The repainting of the Community Patchwork Mural, which was located above Totem Roasters on the north side of the Pink Bow Tie store, is completed and artist/coordinator Lorie Turpin is at work now to seal them before installing the mural in its original place.
Now, Turpin is organizing the relocation of the original mural panels to a building at the Vankleek Hill fairgrounds and she is looking for some help. She needs someone with a flatbed truck or trailer, along with some volunteers with jig saws to cut the mural into manageable pieces. The plan is to cut the existing panels into pieces so that each image is a piece that can be sold to the original sponsors or to other individuals or organizations.
These funds will be used for the mural project. If you sponsored an image which was part of the Community Patchwork mural, painted by Lis Skelly and Odile Têtu about 20 years ago and you would like to purchase the original portion of the mural containing that image, email: [email protected]