The Champlain Library is pleased to announce that a “Friends of the Library” group has been created!  The Friends of the Library is a group of volunteers dedicated to supporting the library by donating time, fundraising and sponsoring special events.

The Friends group will promote and advocate literacy and culture at the Library and in our community to support the services and programs of the library. From organizing book sales to making sure that the Book on Every Bed (BOEB) campaign is running smoothly – the Friends will be there.  Other opportunities to support the library will include fundraising to help offset unexpected costs to the library, such as our Inter Library Loans, and programs to help increase membership.

Volunteering at the library can contribute to the library’s vision of excellence by supplementing the efforts of staff.  It has been demonstrated that volunteers can enrich and inform the public about library services.  Some of the tasks that volunteers can perform are shelving, home delivery, seasonal displays, care of library plants, craft preparation or running children’s & adult programs.

If you would like to join the new Friends of the Library group or wish to volunteer, please stop by the Champlain Library or call the library at 613-678-2216.